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​BentSpoke How’s It Gosen? Gose⠀

​BentSpoke How’s It Gosen? Gose⠀

18th Dec 2019

Beer description: Drifting in just in time for the warmer weather is BentSpoke Brewing Co’s latest release, How’s It Gosen?⠀

It is, you guessed it - a gose.⠀

Originally, the mineral-rich river Gose in eastern Germany provided the brewing water to create the salty profile, with the sourness coming from the yeast and lactobacillus (the same culture used in yoghurt).⠀

Gose is traditionally brewed with coriander, but in keeping with BentSpoke tradition, brewers and co-owners Tracy Margrain and Richard Watkins have bent the rules of beer by adding fresh mango and passionfruit into the mix.⠀

“We were thinking of summer and our favourite things, like eating a pavlova at a barbecue with friends,” said Tracy. “Richard and I are big fans of gose, especially in the summer months, and we’ve tried to capture the essence of an Australian summer with this latest release."⠀

"We’ve kept this one at 4%, making it sessionable and refreshing, with a good kick of salt and a fresh fruit finish that makes it perhaps just a little bit too easy to drink,” added Richard.⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @slybeer⠀