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​Black Hops/Chur Hop Swap Hazy IPA 375ml Can

​Black Hops/Chur Hop Swap Hazy IPA 375ml Can

1st Nov 2021

Available online & in store:⠀

Beer description: They say that sharing is caring, so when we stumbled across the exciting new Aussie hop variety ‘Eclipse’, we got Hop Swap. Firing back with a new experimental hop called 'NZ107’ we had ourselves a good old fashioned Trans-Tasman collaboration idea. Boasting intense tropical fruit and citrus aromas with a smooth hazy body, this IPA was straight on the blower to our cuzzies at Chur Brewing NZ to see if they would like to play a game ocrafted out of a friendship that transcends the body of water that divides our two breweries. Cheers! (Chur!).⠀

Photo by: @the.crafty.sheep