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Come get your Mornington Peninsula Nitro Sacchariferous...

13th Sep 2016

Come get your Mornington Peninsula Nitro Sacchariferous Stout!

Following on from the success of their first nitrogenated (Nitro) canned beer earlier in the year, Mornington Peninsula Brewery has followed up with #tinnage006, Sacchariferous Stout on Nitro. Utilising nitrogen rather than carbon dioxide (CO2) to carbonate beer provides the beer with a creamier, smoother texture which complements this style of beer perfectly.

Sacchariferous Stout is a sweet/milk stout brewed using lactose in the brewing process, hence the name Sacchariferous, meaning containing sugar. The nitrogen dosing adds to the smooth mouthfeel of the beer, and at 4.6% ABV, it is a very approachable stout.

Available in store & online:

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