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Episode 6: New Beers In Store Including Modus, Fixation & Holgate

5th May 2016

Lots of new Aussie beers arriving of late and even more to come. For a full list of the latest beers scroll down…

Available in store and  online.


(To purchase any new beers online head to  Latest Arrivals)

Garage Project Louisiana Voodoo Queen - NEW!
Garage Project Orange Sunshine - NEW!
Exit Milk Stout - NEW!
Fixation IPA - NEW! (limit 2 x 4pk per customer)
Wolf of the Willows IPA - NEW!
Modus Former Tenant 5ml Cans - NEW!
Modus Pale Ale 5ml Cans - NEW!
Holgate Hop Tart Sour Pale Ale - NEW!
Holgate Wild Red Ale - NEW!
Murrays Spartacus IIPA - NEW! (limit one 4 pack per customer)
3 Ravens Double Black Oatmeal Stout - NEW!
Stone & Wood Big Scrub New World Lager - NEW!
Stockade Hopzilla Wheat IPA - NEW!
Red Hill Queen Of Scots Barleywine - NEW!
Mountain Goat Zymurgist IPA - NEW
Yulli's Brew Cocky Laura IPA - NEW!
Founders Mango Manifico - NEW!


EPIC Thunder APA 5.8% ABV
The name for this beer is inspired by AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck' and Motorhead's 'Thunder and Lightning'. A homage to the late Lemmy Kilmeister, this APA packs a strong mosaic punch, and is refreshingly bitter. Best enjoyed listening to rock 'n roll. Loud.
Squealer Fill:$22
Growler Fill:$42

Next on tap:

4 Pines Fresh In Season IPA
Merchant Brewing Earl Pear Blonde Ale


Thursday 5th May
Pirate Life Hopco NZ Pale Ale
Feral Hop Hog
Founders All Day IPA
Founders Breakfast Stout
Founders Centennial IPA
Founders Dark Penance
Founders Dirty Bastard
Founders Imperial Stout
Founders Pale Ale
Garage Project Garagista
Moon Dog Love Tap
Moon Dog Jumping The Shark 215
Moon Dog Boscos IPA
Renaissance Craftsman
Renaissance Collision Course IPL
Rogue Hazelnut Brown
Rogue XS Old Crustacean
Rogue XS Russian Imperial Stout
Schlenkerla Marzen
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Sierra Nevada Stout
Sierra Nevada Porter
Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
Sierra Nevada Narwhal
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot
Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter
Sierra Nevada Torpedo
Moon Dog Mack Daddy

Tuesday 3rd May
Wells & Youngs Courage Russian Imperial Stout
Founders Mango Manifico - NEW!
Garage Project Aro Noir 
Garage Project Louisiana Voodoo Queen - NEW!
Garage Project Dirty Boots
Garage Project Touch Wood 
Garage Project Orange Sunshine - NEW!
Garage Project Hapi Daze
Exit Milk Stout - NEW!

Monday 2nd May
Fixation IPA - NEW! (limit 2 x 4pk per customer)
Iron Maiden Trooper
Petrus Aged Red
Petrus Aged Pale
Wolf of the Willows IPA - NEW!
Wolf of the Willows XPA
4 Pines Black Box Keller Door Limited Release - NEW! (limit 1 per customer)

Friday 29th April
Modus Former Tenant 5ml Cans - NEW!
Modus Pale Ale 5ml Cans - NEW! 
Holgate Hop Tart Sour Pale Ale - NEW!
Holgate Wild Red Ale - NEW!
Pirate Life Double IPA

Friday 22nd April
Murrays Spartacus IIPA - NEW! (limit one 4 pack per customer)
3 Ravens Double Black Oatmeal Stout - NEW! 
Riverside 777 IIPA
Stone & Wood Big Scrub New World Lager - NEW!
Mountain Goat Zymurgist IPA
Stockade Hopzilla Wheat IPA - NEW!
Stockade Peachy Keen Gose
Stockade Duel Lager
Stockade Chop Shop Pale Ale
Red Hill Queen Of Scots Barleywine - NEW!
Yulli's Brew Norman Australian Ale
Yulli's Brew Cocky Laura IPA - NEW!
Six String Pale Ale