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Ever paid a favour using the beer economy?

6th Apr 2011

While watching the latest Toohey’s Beer Economy ads it got me thinking about the one time I paid a favour using the beer economy. Over a beer with friends in 2002 I decided if a reasonably priced boat came up for sale, useful for both fishing and wakeboarding, that I would buy it. Driving back from the local hotel I spotted the “Red Baron”, a 14 foot boat with a 70hp Johnson on the back – the perfect boat at a reasonable price.

The boat was bought and it was decided that the Red Baron would be initiated on a holiday in the beautiful Corromandel in New Zealand. After making the 8 hour drive from Hawkes Bay we were eager to get the boat in the water for a fish. The boat was launched and we headed out to deep water. Enjoying the sunshine we set in for a spot of fishing armed with our self named rods “Dennis Rodman”, “Rod Stewart”, “Andy Roddick” and “Rod Latham” – a New Zealand cricketing great of the 90s.

While the weather was good, the bites were slim so we decided to pack up and head in. I turned the key to start the motor and snap! the key broke off in the ignition. Stranded, we attempted a repair job armed with my trusty Leatherman, however success was not on our side. Luckily we could see another boat nearby so agreed if nothing else could be done we would continue fishing until they made a move.

When the nearby boat begun to pack up we quickly reeled in our own rods and threw out a hopeful request for a tow. Thankfully the boat and its crew were obliging and we made it back to shore – albeit a little sheepish from the experience! Feeling indebted to our saviours I dipped into the beer economy and dropped off a case of New Zealand’s Export Gold Lager – a small token of thanks for a most appreciated rescue!

While the case of Export Gold was from one of New Zealand’s mainstream breweries, if I ran into the same situation today the biggest question on my mind would be what craft beer to give!

Have you ever paid a favour using the beer economy? We would love to hear your story!