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How Much Do You Think You Know? 23-01-19

23rd Jan 2019

What style am I? I am known as the Champagne of the North and was traditionally funky and sour. I was once the most popular beer in Berlin and even a favourite of Napoleon Bonaparte. I was influenced by the Huguenots migrating from Belgium and was exempt from the Reinheitsgebot.


Have you guessed it? It’s the….Berliner Weisse!

The Berliner Weisse was originally brewed in…. you guessed it Hannover! Huh? That’s right, the Berliner Weisse was originally developed from a light, pale and acidic Broyhan style in Hannover by Cord Broyhan in 1526.

The style became so popular in Berlin, that by the late 19th Century it was the number one beer drunk. Napoleon even had an affinity for it and dubbed it “The Champagne of the North”.

However like a lot of the great German beers of the past, it fell to the overwhelming popularity of lager and by the close of the 20th century, there was only 2 breweries in Berlin left.
The craft beer movement of the 21st century has led to a renaissance of the style, one that we personally hope continues as it is a truly fantastic beer for the hot Australian Summer!