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​Krombacher Pils

​Krombacher Pils

27th Oct 2018

Available online & in store:

Beer description: Why should we strive constantly to try to improve an already excellent flavour ever? It is one of our strengths, we can recognise that when a product perfected and completed in flavour. We believe in modern continuity and stability as strengths of Krombacher - constant in quality, resistant to the taste. An achievement that we will not sacrifice lightly. The Christmas Song tells the quietly resting at sea, as we feel it with our beer. In peace lies both the strength and the indulgence.

Nature has provided us with its mountain spring water richly rewarded. We also feel this as a mandate and responsibility to consider also Krombacher Pils as a gift and preserve this jewel of nature pure.

The mountain spring water is the most important component for the unique quality and distinctive taste experience of a Krombacher lager. A Krombacher stands for naturally fresh beer enjoyment and a fine, spicy aroma. How many generations in the future, our passion is the preservation of this achievement.

Photo by: @beerandfoam