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Let the adventure begin!

23rd Sep 2009

About 2 years ago while throwing around business ideas, one concept Geoff mentioned was a beer club. At the time however, we couldn’t decide what the beer club would be about and so it got put to the bottom of the pile. With any business we were looking to start, we had three key requirements:
• it had to be an area we were interested in,
• it had to be profitable,
• it had to be something we could have fun doing.
Often an idea would fall under one of these requirements, but never all three. Each idea was more of a pipe dream than something we would follow through.

Then this year while again kicking business ideas around, the ‘beer club’ concept once more reared its head. Richard has always been mad keen on trying new and different beers, especially after a short stint working for Limburg brewery in New Zealand. For Geoff, his Belgium/American/Australian heritage translated into a huge curiosity in beers from around the world. The more we talked about our idea, the more excited we got! After many business meetings, we had identified our core theme for the business. Our aim is to create an online community of beer lovers, who are interested in learning about and ‘experiencing’ boutique beers from Australia and around the globe.

Ideas are turning to action, the business is beginning to develop and enthusiasm continues to grow. At the moment we are in the process of obtaining a liquor license, while also seeking potential web designers for the site. After a grueling course yesterday with a roomful of Japanese, Korean and a couple of other token Australians – we emerged with our responsible service of alcohol certificate in hand. We are holding our breath for the Australian girl who wasn’t sure if she should put her name on the test!

Thanks to everyone who has provided support and advice so far. If you are in the beer industry, or have any advice you would like to give, we would love to hear from you. Please sign-up to our blog and we will keep you updated on the rest of the adventure!

Richard and Geoff