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Modus Operandi The Lost Key XPA Great photo by: @hop_geek...

23rd Feb 2017

Modus Operandi The Lost Key XPA

Great photo by: @hop_geek

Beer description:
Keys are a pain in the ass. They’re easily lost. Which is exactly what happened when we lent the key to Modus HQ to the crew from Black Bunny Kitchen whilst they were taking over our kitchen. While mistakes happen we insisted they stick around and do a brew with us as remittance for losing the key to our kingdom.

They agreed and, together, we vowed to brew this beer as a testament to the future, where keys will be a thing of the past. Replaced with retinal scanners, voice command consoles and all sorts of other cool futuristic shit.

The resulting beer is a futuristic pale ale that is sure to be all the rage in 2116. An American style pale ale double dry hopped hopped with Simcoe, Rakau and Columbus. Straight up hop juice.

Available in store and online: