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​Newstead The Mayne Thing Golden Lager

​Newstead The Mayne Thing Golden Lager

12th Oct 2018

Available in store & online:

Beer description: That it takes some guts to turn a small fortune into a large one almost goes without saying. When those guts recently belonged to someone else we have a story worth telling. In a frontier town like Brisbane in the 1890s, great riches dangled mercilessly before those who were prepared to compromise. A financial kickstart had only the small price of a carcass to butcher. Forgiveness, though, is surprisingly comprehensive when the price is right. A parcel of land here, a stately home there and voila, pillar-of-society! So here’s the glittering prize, the goldest of Golden Lagers, a reminder that low prices are just the beginning.

Traditional malts and wheat combine to create a smooth, rich and creamy mouthfeel. Citra and Galaxy hops for flavour and aroma - you get a face full of fruit salad. We are pretty sure this will count towards your ‘5 a day’. (Or not..) Photo by: @craftbeerboyd