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​Nomad/Barrel One Doppio Macchiato Imperial Stout

​Nomad/Barrel One Doppio Macchiato Imperial Stout

28th Aug 2020

Beer description: Only one thing gets our Italian brewer going in the morning and that is a good doppio macchiato. The only other thing as important as coffee is beer so the idea was to put the two together to make our head brewer smile from ear to ear.. and we’re sure you will too when you taste it! Teaming up with local coffee roasters Barrel One we have not only added espresso coffee but coffee “bagged” the beer for extra aromas. As with its little cousin Piccolo Stout we’ve added lactose to give that rich creamy mouth feel which combines with the dark roasty malts and added coffee to make this a delicious dark milk stout.⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @bluedoors⠀