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​Pirate Life Apple and Guava Sour

​Pirate Life Apple and Guava Sour

31st Jul 2020

Beer description: This beer was modelled on the apple guava juices you find on the supermarket shelf but modified to suit the adult palate. Sharply tart and refreshing, this beer was soured with Lactobacillus - the same micro-organism that produces tartness in yogurt. Brewed with a very light grain bill of Wheat, Pale malt and just a touch of Aussie Enigma hops to allow the fruit to shine, the beer has a light pink blush thanks to the healthy 300 kg dose of guava. A slight haze persists in the glass thanks to the addition of the apple and guava, both of which are high in a natural protein called pectin. The aroma is reminiscent of a scrumpy cider, a savoury maleic acid note from the apple lingers above the guava which bares itself on the palate in a much bigger way.⠀

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Photo by: @sneakersandjeans_⠀