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​Pirate Life Lime Gose

​Pirate Life Lime Gose

27th Oct 2020

Beer description: Built on a foundation of Pilsner Malt and Wheat, this modern interpretation of a classic German style acquires its definitive pucker from Lactobacillus - a bacteria that converts sugars into lactic acid.⠀

Whirlpool additions of Native Finger Lime elevate the beers zest factor, while a handful of Motueka hops, Murray River Pink Salt and fragrant coriander seed ground it stylistically.⠀

Once poured, it looks remarkably similar to a lime juice cordial, excluding of course the generous pillow of foam atop the pint. Kaffir Lime Leaf pairs with a gentle sourdough funk to form the nose, but the real excitement starts below the rim… On the palate, bright lime and lactic acidity are expertly balanced with a moreish and salty tang. Its hyper crushable, with low hop bitterness and a clean, yet textured mouthfeel. The salt and sour explosion promptly fades, revealing notes of soft lemon curd and freshly baked croissant.⠀

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Photo by: @piratelifebeer⠀