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Saison - the Next Cool Beer Style to Try

1st Jan 2013

Every year we like to have a bit of a punt on the changes we expect to see across the Australian craft beer scene. Last year our bet was on the growth of India Pale Ale’s (IPAs), which we saw being brewed by more and more craft breweries. There are some great examples out there with Feral Hop Hog commonly cited as the benchmark in Australian IPA’s.

This year our bet is on the growth of the Saison – pronounced say’zon. The word comes from the French meaning season and is a highly carbonated, fruity and often spicy beer (but not as in KFC zinger spicy) due to the addition of spices. It originated as a beer style in the early 20th century in Wallonia, the French speaking part of Belgium, with the beer being brewed in farmhouses during the cooler and less active months in preparation  for Summer.

 The beer is a great refresher and is perfect for the warm Australian summer. There are a few Australian brewers out there already brewing a Saison, including one of our favourites, Bridge Road Brewers who make their Chevalier Saison – watch this space for many more!