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Serving the public….

2nd Apr 2010

The last few weeks have seen an increase in the amount of work going into the development of Beer Cartel. We’ve had a few back to back Saturday marathon meetings and are moving from ideas to reality. The website design and layout have been signed off. The content for the website has just been sent to the website design company, and our liquor licence is within a few weeks of being accepted by the NSW licensing board (fingers crossed!).

A few months back we selected Grant Cusack and Associates as our solicitors to aid in the liquor licence application process. Grant had mentioned we would need to ‘serve the public’, a term used to describe the act of performing a letter box drop with a notice advising of our application. This had to be done to all residences within a 50 metre radius of our business. I had thought it would be a simple 10 minute job but you wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find some letter boxes at 9pm at night! According to the liquor licence application process the ‘serving’ must be done within two business days of the application being initially submitted. We had submitted the application on a Thursday evening meaning we had until Monday night to do the serving. After printing 50 odd copies of the notice I was off. The ‘drop’ ended up taking about 40 minutes to do. I’m sure I was looking odd as I had my head torch on to help read the map as well as spot the letterboxes. At one stage I was so determined to find a letter box that I ended up down a driveway and without even realising it, in someone’s back yard!

I returned back home with three notices still undelivered, so I enlisted the aid of my house mate Kristina to help locate the MIA letterboxes. True to form, I had had a ‘boys look’ and within 10 seconds of being at each house and without the aid of a head torch Kristina had located the three remaining letterboxes. Thanks Kristina!

The next steps for us are to finalise the packs and range of beers we want to launch Beer Cartel with, order some beers, store them in temperature controlled storage, and come August get some orders in!

That is when we will really be able to serve the public…


Geoff and Richard