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The Subjectivity of Beer & Our Beer Club

5th Mar 2015

Beer is a very subjective topic and product. With its different nuances, flavours and aroma profiles it’s impossible to get a beer that ticks all the boxes for everyone. Sure there are the Feral Hop Hog's and Stone & Wood Pacific Ale's of the world that continuously rate first or second in judging and competitions but not every beer can be designed to cater for mass appeal, and why should they? Plus there’d be no joy in sending you the same beers every month!

Our beer club was founded six years ago on the premise that some beers may challenge our customers’ palates and unfortunately this means that not every beer we send out will hit a home run with everyone. But therein lies the beauty of having different beers sent to you every month - variety. We work our hardest to find tasty examples of local and international brews. The great thing is that overall you have told us we’re doing an awesome job and to keep the beers coming!

Each month we receive feedback on the beers that have been sent, which is great. But where one person will send us an email saying ‘best pack ever!’ another will say ‘great pack but I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Saison.’ These emails sometimes lead to the question ‘How do we select the beers that go into packs?’. So here goes:

The beers are picked to ensure a variety of styles, breweries, origins and of course each beer has to be unique in that we have never featured it before. We mix both International and Australian beers, including new beers on the market and take into account the season, with lighter styles in summer and darker styles in winter. Based on recent research we’ve done with our customers we know that there is a preference for pale alesIPAs and lagers/pilsners. So while we’ve had a skew to these styles we’ve also brought you portersstoutssaisonsamber alesmaibocksdunkelshefeweizens, bitters and steam ales to name a few.