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Types of Beer Glasses: Which To Use & Why Drink From A Glass

26th May 2016

In this blog post we highlight the 10 different types of beer glasses that are available, which one to use and why it is always best to drink beer from a glass. 

We’ve previously written about the confusing world of beer glassware. While we won’t go into all the details of beer glasses, we thought it may be interesting to show you images of what some key beer glasses look like because there are quite a few different styles! This should in turn help you out when looking for a glass based on the recommendations either in our Beer Club booklets. 

The Beer Wheel below (as we've termed it) shows 10 different types of beer glasses and in some instances which particular style of beer they are designed for. 

Some will look very familiar while others may be a bit unusual. The key thing to remember is that if you don’t have the exact type of beer glass for a particular beer, don’t fret, as any glass is better than no glass!

types of beer glasses

For those of you wondering why we recommend drinking beer from a glass, there are 3 key reasons:

1. You will maximise taste and aroma, as 70% of taste comes from smell alone. Drinking from the can or bottle minimises the release of these aromas.

2. A glass will assist in head retention, while carbonation (often being released from nucleation points at the bottom of the glass) will provide greater mouth feel.

3. We eat and drink with our eyes. Drinking from a glass allows your visual senses to be stimulated, which can enhance your sense of taste, smell and flavour.