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​Wildflower St Phoebe Plum Wild Ale 750ml Bottle

​Wildflower St Phoebe Plum Wild Ale 750ml Bottle

2nd May 2022

Available online & in store:

Beer Description: St Phoebe is named for Chris and his wife’s first daughter. Saint Phoebe was a 1st century deaconess from modern day Greece. In 2021, St Phoebe was made by blending barrel aged golden mixed culture fermentation ale with 996kg of fresh, tree ripened Ebony Sun plums hand picked from Thornbrook Orchard in Nashdale, NSW..

At this month of release, we reckon it bursts open with spice aromas, cinnamon quill and star anise. Red fruits follow, sweet red apple, cranberries and grape. Red creaming soda and candy floss lift the nose at the end. The palate is soft and full. Fruit sweetness runs the length. There’s ripe plum, spiced apple and vinous undertones. The cooking spices play across the palate and work in tandem with savoury oak. Simple but seemingly complex, exactly how we like them.

Great Photo by: @wildflowerbeer