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​Working Title Red Velvet Red Rye Ale 500ml Can

​Working Title Red Velvet Red Rye Ale 500ml Can

25th Jun 2021

Avalaible online & in store: Spicy, seductive and satiable, nothing brings that unique malty flavour like rye malt. Utilising pale rye, caramel rye and chocolate rye we built in every angle of rye that we could, creating a complex number that will leave you pondering just how. The glucans of the rye give an unctuous, treacle mouthfeel that slides like silk into a chocolatey aftertaste.⠀

A pine needle hoppy aroma is followed by a chocolate, toffee and earthy malt base, with a grapefruit bitterness that finishes clean. Loaded with layers of malt complexity this beer can either be smashed for its refreshing quality, or sipped slowly as the delicate malt layers reveal themselves. Silky smooth, but earthy and dank; it’s not for juice bois.⠀

Beer description:⠀

Photo by: @slybeer