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​Your Mates Larry Pale Ale

​Your Mates Larry Pale Ale

27th Oct 2020

Beer description: Everyone knows a Larry. Larry is that mate who instantly makes you smile. He’s a summer-lovin’, party-shirt wearin’ kinda fella who gets along with everyone.⠀

We met Larry on a typical, Queensland summers day down at our favourite beach. He was moose-leggin’ on the timber guardrail with an esky at his heels and a grin from ear to ear. After giving us a quick update on the dismal surf conditions, he offered us a beer. This was quickly exchanged with a solid F-yeah mate and a handshake. Larry’s colourful flair fits plum with his modest, easygoing attitude. He’s simply a #larrycan who you’d love to share a beer or eight with.⠀

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Photo by: @hoppydaysreviews⠀