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Budejovicky Budvar Dark Lager 330ml

330ml 4.7% Dark Lager

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About The Beer

Country: Czech Republic

Brewery: Budweiser Budvar Brewery

Style: Dark Lager

Format: 330ml bottle

ABV: 4.7%

Inspired by a time when Bohemian beer was brewed with more roasted and dark malts, this outstanding and world-renowned dark lager sees all the quality, taste and brewing traditions of Budejovicky Budvar Original blended with roasted Munich and Caramel malts. This adds a black coffee and dark chocolate depth to the beer’s colour and taste, while retaining the refreshing drinkability of our classic pale lagers.

Rich, sweet, dark, bold and more-ish. You don’t win ‘Best Dark Lager in the World’ numerous times by being average.





Cracking Tip: 


The original Budweiser!


Born 800 years ago in the Czech town of Budweiss, and today, owned by the Czech government, this is serious essential drinking for lovers of lager.


The Czech population recently voted to keep this brewery government owned, such is the importance of this beer to people. Quenching and quaffable, a true hidden secret for those is the know.


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