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DAB Original

330ml 5% Dortmunder/Helles

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About The Beer

Country: Germany

Brewery: Dortmunder Actien Brauerei

Style: Dortmunder/Helles

Format: 330ml Bottle

ABV: 5%

This is the story of a beer style that was discovered more or less by accident: when we started exporting our award-winning brew to the farthest corners on the planet, we brewed a stronger, hoppier concentrate that was supposed to be diluted with water at its destination. We soon found out, that our beer wasn’t diluted after all, and consumers loved the extra hoppy flavours of our brew.

This changed the beer world forever, and laid foundation to the world famous Dortmunder Export beer style we know today. A pale, bottom-fermented blond lager. It is a harmoniously balanced, crisp and easy-to-drink beer with pleasing notes of hops and malt. A very well-rounded taste profile with a soft and elegant texture.