Ekim Vinlander Spiced Rum Porter

375ml Can 6% Porter

About The Beer

NOTE: Limit of one 4 pack per customer. Please do not order more as you will only be sent this amount.

Country: Australia

Brewery: Ekim

Style: Porter

Format: 375ml Can

ABV: 6%

In 1000 AD, Vikings did America, calling their old Norse hood, VINLAND. Now America has completely done-over our dark Viking ale... Ekim's porter is well-and-truly USA-ified!

This intensely dark and luscious brew is defined by its mild, fruity American ale yeast, and loads of American Mosaic hops added during the boil as well as in dry-hopping, thus imparting intense spicy, citrus and piney aromas and flavours into the beer. These flavours are further enhanced and complexified by the roasty, chocolate/caramel malts, and balanced by a moderate-firm bitterness, creating a rich, smooth and well-rounded beer.




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