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Farmhouse and Wild Exploration Mixed Pack


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About The Beer

We think Farmhouse Ales and Wild Ales are two of the most complex and yet refreshing categories of beer you can find. Unlike most beer, farmhouse and wild ales generally have fantastic cellaring potential, with a flavour evolution that can span many years, and in some cases decades. This seventh edition of the pack is about as good as it gets when it comes to these beers, featuring OG Belgian brewers like Blaugies, Beersel and Dupont. To contrast that, we’ve included some of the most exciting Australian breweries making these styles at the moment.

Only 12 of these are available, so get in quick!

Here's the line-up:

1. Two Metre Tall Sour Pumpkin Ale 750 ml Bottle

Ashley Huntington has been a pioneer in the Australian brewing industry since converting a shearing shed in the picturesque Derwent valley into a brewhouse in 2009. So few breweries can boast such wild, exciting, nuanced and utterly delicious brews as Two Metre Tall, with most of the hops and fruit used in their releases actually grown on their estate. Sour Pumpkin Ale is a release years in the making. A symphonic blend of batches brewed in 2016, 2017 and 2021, this is a real treat for the senses. ABV 5.2%

2. Saison Dupont Biologique 750ml Bottle

The classic Dupont - often copied, never replicated. This is their classic Saison, only made with organic ingredients, and coincidently our favourite offering from the range. A giant meringue head and thirst-quenching flavours of grapefruit and clove with a dry finish - Delicious! ABV 5.5%

3. Molly Rose Resolved Saison 375ml Can

Molly Rose is an absolute 'unicorn' of the modern Australian brewing landscape. So few breweries even come close when it comes to brewing these old-world Belgian styles, yet Molly Rose seems to push out so many beautiful examples consistently. Delicate and nuanced, with a much cleaner yeast profile than traditional examples. It goes down so easy, it will disappear from your glass without you knowing. ABV 5.8%

4. Oude Beersel Gueuze 375ml Bottle

Nicknamed the 'champagne of Brussels', Gueuze is easily the king of wild or spontaneous brewing. No yeast is added - the beer is left uncovered overnight and only the naturally occurring yeasts in the surrounding air of the brewhouse are used to ferment the beer. The beer (lambic) is then aged in barrels and a Gueuze is created when 3 or more different vintages of lambic are blended together for one bottling. The true mastery of these beers is not in the brewing (Lambic beer recipes are very basic) but in blending something harmonious and balanced from the young and bright 1 year old beer and rich, oaky 3 year old beer. Truly stunning! ABV 6.5%

5. Sobremesa The Magic Of Constraints Biere De Garde 750ml Bottle

Sobremesa is a relative newcomer to the Aus brewing scene, but already making waves amongst connoisseurs with their new world take on saisons and barrel aged beers. Aroma's of dandelion & jasmine jump out of the glass. On the palate it presents as lemongrass, daffodils & well toasted bread. Bitter & textural, with an inviting palate weight that has length but still manages to remain dry. Delicate while sophisticated, a lovely accompaniment for this last month of summer. ABV 6.4%

6. Blaugies BDB 375ml Bottle

Blaugies needs no introduction to lovers of farmhouse beers. Their beers 'La Moneuse' and 'Saison D'Epeautre' have inspired their fair share of brewers to open their own breweries around the world, the influence is astounding for a small family run brewery on a farm in Belgium. 'Blonde de Blaugies' is a newer addition to their offerings, with beautiful malt character from the added spelt and dry citrus finish. ABV 8%