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Fox Hat Metric IPA

375ml Can 7% IPA - India Pale Ale

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About The Beer

Country: Australia

Brewery: Fox Hat

Style: IPA - India Pale Ale

Format: 375ml Can

ABV: 7%

Introducing Fox Hats metric IPA. Grain and hops weighed in kilos, beer sold in litres. Beer simplified, no complex fluid drachms, ounces or gallons here or pounds and stones for that matter. No Fahrenheit in site. Just simple uncomplicated metric goodness, malt, HOPS, alcohol, HOPS. To the eye - Looks like beer, is that a slight green tinge to the solid head? Up your nose - Simple resinous pine and fruit aromas, measuring up to your IPA expectations In your mouth - Be prepared to cop a full-on bitterness rating of 80 metric IBU's, a metric ton of hop flavour and a 7% by volume of warming alcohol.