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Hop Nation Don Limón Salted Lime Mexican Lager 355ml Can

355ml Can 4% Lager

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About The Beer

Country: Australia

Brewery: Hop Nation Brewing Co

Style: Lager

Format: 355ml Can

ABV: 4%

Don Limón is our interpretation of the well known Mexican Lager. Brewed using Australian Pilsner Malt, alongside flaked corn, grown and processed by Voyager in Whitton, New South Wales - perfectly cooked bursting that familiar corn flavour. A small dose of Motueka Hops provide a hint of bitterness, along with a subtle citrus aroma. 

Don't waste your time cutting up the lime - we've added it for you - along with a touch of pink Himalayan sea salt. Lime and salt combine for a stimulating salinity, and slight tartness, complimenting the light mouthfeel, and dry finish. Don Limón is all about high drinkability and unmatched refreshment.