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La Trappe Discovery Trappist Gift Pack


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About The Beer

Since 1884, the Monks of Koningshoeven have brewed la Trappe Trappist Ales to support themselves. The recipe that has been created by the Monks has given connoisseurs the enjoyment of the traditional beers for more than a hundred years. The brewing methods require nothing less than pure and natural ingredients: hops, barley, malt, yeast and water from their own spring. The beer is bottled and will ferment in the bottle to create it's unique flavour and aroma.

The La Trappe Beers included in this pack are:

1 x La Trappe Blonde
1 x La Trappe Tripel
1 x La Trappe Brune
1 x La Trappe Quadrupel
1 x La Trappe Glass