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Pastry Deluxe Mixed Pack

Pastry Stout | Pasty Sour

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About The Beer

Thick, sweet and mind-melting decadence. Pastry beers are like dessert in a glass. Version 3 of our Pastry Deluxe Mixed Pack features some of the best and craziest releases from the likes of Deeds, Lost Palms and The Garden. Contains a mix of mind melting Pastry Stouts and Pastry Sours.

The line-up:

1. One Drop We Jammin' Smoothie Sour 440ml Can

This here is a topped-up-to-the-brim kettle sour that's been given our full Fresh-Fruit Smoothie Treatment. If you love fruit, beer, good times and lactose, then this one is for you. Obscene amounts of Mango, Guava, and Banana are added and backed up in full by kisses of Tahitian Vanilla. Fear not, Lactose Santa has been to sprinkle the goods on top - with a sack full of lactose, Multi-Stacked Oats™, and a sneaky ol’ bag of Icing Sugar! ABV 6.2%

2. 8 Wired Double Scoop Boysenberry & Chocolate Stout 440ml Can

Our Double Scoop project is a series of deliciously complex pastry stouts brewed with layers of real ingredients to unfold in your glass like a baked liquid delicacy. This Boysenberry Chocolate edition is layered with tones sweet yet tart boysenberry whipped into the depths of a smooth, creamy, chocolate stout. It all melts together for a double helping of a silky stouty treat. Hold the sprinkles. ABV 7.5%

3. Deeds A Quiet Deed 2023 Black Forest Gateau Blended Imperial Pastry Stout 440ml Can

It's been eleven years since the name Quiet Deeds hit the shelves of your local bottle shop and let's just say that a lot happened in that time. Something that hasn't changed from day one is that we wanted to make beer that we enjoyed drinking and to do so humbly, quietly.
To celebrate our 11th Birthday, we brewed a beer that highlights our journey over the last year. So here is our Black Forest Gateau Blended Pastry Imperial Stout!
Decadent, fruity and rich; enjoy this Pastry Imperial and BBA Imperial Stout blend. The perfect cake for our birthday! ABV 10.9%

4. Duncan's Mallow Guava Lava Marshmallow, Guava & Dragonfruit Pastry Sour 440ml Can

It’s a neon pink thicc boi! We’ve gone full Duncan’s mode and brewed a pastry sour with marshmallow, guava, dragon fruit, and an obligatory dose of lactose. Join us for a dreamy sweet trip through mallow guava lava! (っ˘ڡ˘ς). ABV 6%

5. Seeker Dougie's Chocolate Porter 440ml Can

To some, this homage needs no introduction, but for those in the dark, Dougie is Seeker's resident Chocolate Lab. When he isn't visiting brewery patrons who might have 'accidentally' dropped a bit of pizza, Dougie can be found keeping a close eye on our brewers, whilst they brew this smooth Chocolate Porter fit for only the best of the pack.  ABV 5.6%

6. Bacchus Persian Princess Pastry Stout 375ml Can

Turkish Delight Pastry Stout. ABV 13%

7. Bad Shepherd Koko Black Salted Caramel Milk Stout 440ml Can

In collaboration with Koko Black artisanal Melbourne-based chocolatier. This full-bodied stout is lovingly brewed with Koko Black's delectable cocoa powder and salted caramel syrup. Featuring distinct and decadent characteristics of salted caramel and toffee. Moreish and smooth with just enough sweet, it’s good to the last drop.

Malts: Ale, Oats, Munich, Black, Dark & Medium Crystal
Hops: Pahto
Other: Koko Black Cocoa Powder, Koko Black Salted Caramel syrup, Lactose ABV 5%

8. Nomad Powder Day Caramel Fudge 440ml Can

This beer is viscous with notes of coffee and burnt sugar. ABV 7.8%


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