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Pirate Life India Pale Lager

500ml Can 7% Lager

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About The Beer

Country: Australia

Brewery: Pirate Life Brewing

Style: Lager

Format: 500ml Can

ABV: 7%

Pirate Life's love for India Pale Ales is undeniable. But an India Pale Lager? Say what?! This 7% ABV brute combines ingredients and brewing techniques from both traditional styles, resulting in a stomping sensory experience that has all the bases covered. IPL? Hell yep

Brewed with a simple grain bill of Pale and Wheat Malt, this beer calls on hop varietals Mosaic, Strata and Enigma for a dank and fruity punch. Alchemy II wine yeast provides unique and complimentary esters, combining with our classic lager strain to get the job done.

Once poured, tropical fruit and sticky resin pair with a range of distinctive esters. It's a little lighter on the palate than a typical IPA, showing bright carbonation and a clean, dry finish.