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2011 Beer Club Packs

Below is a list and description of previous Beer Cartel Club beers.

December 2011 Club Beers

Pale Ale (4.9%)

Balmain Brewing

The Balmain Pale Ale, was launched in May 2010 in celebration of tradition, mates and pub culture.

A distinctive full flavoured English-style ale, the Balmain Pale Ale displays a rich malt character upfront which is derived from a blend of two base and three speciality malts. Used in conjunction the result is a beautiful golden-copper colour with hints of sweet caramel on the palate.

Malt is balanced with a mix of 3 complementary Hop varieties that give an assertive yet clean bitterness, along with an aroma providing hints of citrus hue and mild spice notes.

The Balmain Pale Ale is all natural and unfiltered, it's perfect to enjoy on its own or paired with your favourite dish. It has been designed for the drinking pleasure and enjoyment of beer drinkers and critics alike.

Redback Original Wheat (4.7%)

Matilda Bay

Considered one of Australia's original craft beers, Matilda Bay Redback Original Wheat was first launched in the mid 1980's to coincide with the America's Cup defence. Styled on the traditional German wheat beer or weizen style of beer, Redback has a fruity / clove aromas, a generous creamy mouth feel and refreshing hop finish.

Redback is Australia's original wheat beer brewed from both malted wheat and malted barley, a blend of Saaz and Pride of Ringwood hops.

Suggested food match: Without a doubt Australia's culinary coat of arms could be a chilled Redback with a couple of BBQ prawns and a few lemons!

Premium Pils (4.9%)

Paulaner Brauerei

A Classic German Pilsener beer by Paulaner Brauerei (Schörghuber), a brewery in Munich, Bavaria. Pouring a golden straw colour with a lively foam-head, this German pilsner offers a lovely balance of grainy malt and grassy, floral hop aromas, and flavours, before delivering a firm, crisp hop bitterness that's a trademark of the style.

The name of the Paulaner brewery refers to the order of friars that resided in Munich who were part of the order of Saint Francis of Paola. The monks had brewed beer for their own use since 1634. The beer that was permitted to be sold on holidays was a Bock style which gained local fame. After the abolition of the order of monks in 1799, the building was converted into a penitentiary. Franz Xaver Zacherl, the brewer, purchased the former brewery and continued the "Starkbier" tradition with the product Salvator, which is Latin for "Saviour".

Premium Lager (4.8%)


This traditional lager hails from Nervesa della Battaglia, Treviso, Italy. It is characterized by smoothness and well-balanced sensations to the nose and palate. The World Beer Championships awarded the Premium Lager a Silver Medal in the category "Munich Helles, Lager".

The beer is a clear, scented and light beer produced using the best spring barley with a fresh scent of hops and a smooth flavour of yeast. It can be consumed at any time of the day and goes very well with light meals.


November 2011 Club Beers

Pale Ale (4.2%)


Australia's first commercially produced gluten free beer. O'Brien Pale Ale is a traditional, yet gluten free, 19th century Australian pale ale with no added preservatives and no artificial colourings. O'Brien Pale Ale is brewed with the finest gluten free grains and traditional hop varieties. It has a light golden colour, a malty character and abundant hop bitterness.

Golden Ale (5.4%)


Kross' objective when developing this beer was to combine the pleasant fruity aromas originating from the traditional high fermentation (16-20°C) with the use of two types different of aromatic hops, that give to this beer unique and really unmistakable personality. Of golden color, intense and characteristic fruit aromas, with notes of caramel and fruits in finish, leaving a refreshing citrusy and dry bitterness.

Ideal for accompanying red meats like lamb or like appetizer, where its delicate bitterness sensitizes the palate for the next flavors.

Ambar Lager (4.5%)

Dos Equis

Dos Equis Amber is a rich, full-bodied Mexican import with a reddish-gold color and is made from the finest ingredients, representing the brand's traditional Mexican heritage. The history of Dos Equis Amber is traced to the development of the popular Oktoberfest-style of Vienna lager originally created during the mid-19th century.

Belgian Witbier

Hawthorn Brewing

This is Hawtorn's seasonal summer release.

It is a refreshing Belgian style wheat based ale, spiced with coriander, citrus zest and cardamon.


October 2011 Club Beers

150 Lashes Pale Ale (4.2%)

James Squire

The latest addition to the James Squire line up is this beer, 150 Lashes Pale Ale.

A very light bodied beer which is a great gateway beer for those not familiar with the brilliant world of craft beer.

Oktoberfest Beer (6.3%)


Brewed specifically for the Munich Oktoberfest this beer was brought into Australia in very limited volume - lucky for club members we secured our allotment!

Prickly Moses Red Ale (5.0%)

Otway Estate

When most people think of "Irish Beer" they think of stout. Look a little closer and you'll find Celtic Red Ale. Our Red Ale has a gorgeous copper colour like a sunset and it's a full bodied, malt-driven beer to be sure. A hint of Roasted Barley adds a subtle burnt flavour on the back palate. Great at any time of the year.

Vintage Ale

Coopers Vintage 1999

That's no typo! This beer is 12 years old and we are excited about making it available to our club members.

The 1999 vintage was the second release from Coopers, who have made it an annual specialty beer brewed only once. While 12 years old it is still very drinkable. We recommend going out and buying a current vintage 2011 and comparing them to be able to notice the difference.

The 1999 vintage has loads of sherry and whisky notes with a hint of raisin.


September 2011 Club Beers

Hefeweizen (5.2%)

4 Pines Brewing

From the beaches of Manly in Sydney comes this German inspired beer. The 4 Pines brewer has done it again with this one creating a good Aussie version of the German style.

This Hefeweizen is a delicous wheat beer with a cloudy appearance, sweet nose of banana and a palate of spice.

Pale Ale (4.6%)

Pigs Fly

Pigs Fly Pale Ale is a unique Australian style ale handcrafted in small batches. This pale ale uses both Chinook and cascade hops to impart aromas of peach and apricot while still having a unique bitterness and crisp finish.

Silver Medal - Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2008, class 3 - pale and golden ale class

Pale Ale (4.5%)

Endeavour Reserve

Similar to how wine makers create their wines, Endeavour True Vintage Beers take into consideration which specific growing region has the best ingredients and yield for the beer style they're brewing, and accordingly make slight tweaks as need be to ensure each years brew is made with the harvest in mind. This allows the beer to reflect a specific years harvest characteristics. This methodical approach and careful selection of premium Australian and a small amount of international ingredients results in a beer which is not only unique each year, but also created with the drinkers palate in mind.

Endeavour's Reserve Pale Ale is bottle conditioned for both complexity and freshness longevity; can be carefully cellared for up to 2 years. This beer has a zesty lime nose with floral and citrus characters.

Food Pairings: Perfect on it's own but a great compliment to salads and white meat dishes. Great with seafood.

My Wifes Bitter

Burleigh Brewing

Originally from Burleigh Brewing's "Bit on the Side" department this is a great QLD drop which was only recently released in 330ml bottles.

Filtered through local lava rock, My Wife's Bitter is Burleigh Brewing's interpretation of a classic English Bitter, with roasted maltiness, a soft caramel character and dense, aromatic foam.

Inspiration was abundant for this latest brew from the little award-winning Gold Coast Brewery, with Brew Master Brennan upholding tradition developing a beer named after his wife (and CEO) Peta.


August 2011 Club Beers

Smoked Lager (5%)


This beer hails from the Craft Microbrewery in Athens. A pioneer in the Greek beer market, the Craft Microbrewery was the first to develop a brewery restaurant and microbrewery in Greece. Craft Microbrewery is built on a philosophy of passion and love for good quality beer and small batch brewing.

Amber colour lager with pleasant smoked flavour originating from the use of special smoked malt. Malt is smoked using an ancient procedure that originated in the German town of Bamberg with the use of special wood logs. The result is a highly drinkable and enjoyable lager beer with unique taste characteristics. The flavour of this beer is further refined with the use of lager yeast, cold fermentation and a long period of maturation.

Hatlifter Stout (4.9%)

Grand Ridge Brewery

A creamy Irish style stout with delicate chocolate and liquorice flavours derived from all naturals malts. It is very easy on the palate and offers a moderate alcohol content. An exceptional cold weather beer served at room temperature.

Grand Ridge Brewery is located in Mirboo North, Victoria. With 12 beers on offer, it makes a taste testing trip to the brewery very worthwhile - thankfully there is also accommodation available at the brewery should you happen to enjoy one too many!

Doppelbockeard Winter Ale (5%)


Monteith's Doppelbock Winter Ale is a robust brew, faithful to its Bavarian origins. Doppelbock was first brewed in the early 1600's to provide nourishment during the traditional German fasting periods and is affectionately nicknamed ‘Liquid Bread'.

Monteith's Doppelbock Winter Ale's full-malty flavour is due to the crafting of four premium malts, delivering a voluptuous beer with a firey red hue.

A profound enveloping winter beer, Monteith's Doppelbock Winter Ale is a smoothly rich beer with a dense head, a powerful aroma, and chocolatey malt notes - the perfect way to cheer yourself up this winter! The beer is a great pre-dinner beer and can be magnificently matched with rich game foods, such as pheasant, venison and wild pork - a Bavarian favourite!

Razor Back (5%)


For those who like a hoppier, more bitter brew. Fruit and full malt flavours are well balanced by excellent bitterness, followed by clean hop taste.

Established in 1991, in Christchurch, New Zealand, Harrington's has grown to be a well known award winning brewery. It produces over 25 different brews through-out the year. Despite enduring the ongoing Christchurch earthquakes, the business has been able to keep all but one of its eight stores and two breweries running.


July 2011 Club Beers

Rogers (3.8%)

Little Creatures

Velvet smooth, Rogers weaves together the best whole hop flowers and toasted malts into a silky session ale like no other. Light, citrus hop notes roll gently into roasted hazelnut, toffee and caramel malt flavours, creating an easy-drinking ale of flavour and finesse.

Rogers is just one of the great creations from Little Creatures Brewing that have helped take Australia by storm. The brewery was established in 2000 on a site which was formerly used as a boat shed and also a crocodile farm.

Awards: Critics Choice Australia's Best Beer 2010 - Voted number 15

Raspberry Ale (4.7%)

Jamieson Brewery

Jamieson Raspberry Ale has real Raspberries added at the fermenter to give the beer a distinct flavour. The colour is that of a pale ale but does have a pink tinge and good carbonation.

Raspberry is the aroma and Raspberry is the first flavour on the tip of the tongue. Mid palate is a light biscuit malt flavour, with a dry thirst quenching finish. A surprisingly tasty beer!

A crowd-pleaser, this won a Peoples Choice Award at Federation Square Beer Expo in 2006 & 2007.

Golden Paw Ale (4.7%)

Beard & Brau

Golden Paw has subtle hops on both the nose and palate, which give it's grassy and straw characters. An interesting fact is this pale ale is actually fermented with lager yeast; this helps to give it, it's crisp, dry and refreshing finish.

Beard & Brau began its life only a short time ago in December 2008. The brewing system, was imported from the United States and after much testing, tasting and re-testing, two beers were eventually launched. Beard and Brau seek to create visually appealing beers that retain good head and provide a wonderful front, middle and back palate flavour sensation.

Awards: Critics Choice Australia's Best Beer 2010 - Voted number 72

Bitter (4.5%)

Buckley's Brewery

A full-flavoured English-style ale that's dark in colour and uses a combination of Fuggles and Tettnanger hops to create a firm, lingering bitterness. This full-bodied, full flavoured beer is particularly enjoyable with a beef casserole.

The name for Buckley's Brewery derives from legendary 19th century Australian wild man William Buckley, whose life gave birth to the expression "Buckley's Chance" - meaning no chance at all. When it opened in 2001, that was what the founders jokingly gave their brewery of surviving - but it's confounded expectations and continues to knock out solid beers from its old, wooden clad tanks.


June 2011 Club Beers

Pepperjack Ale (4.7%)

Saltram Wine Estate

Pepperjack ale brings together the best in craft brewing and contemporary Barossa winemaking. This rouge coloured ale has been created using the finest malted barley grains, intensely aromatic hops and Pepperjack's very own Barossa Valley Shiraz. Exhibiting profound fruit driven aromatics that add to the complexity of the unique selection of barley and hop, Pepperjack Ale can be enjoyed on any occasion but is best suited to your fridge rather than your cellar.

Salvator Doppelbock (7.9%)


Paulaner Salvator, with its strong, typically malty flavour, is what you could call the "original" Paulaner. The bottom-fermented "Doppelbock" beer combines the finest hops and dark barley malt. The Paulaner monks used to drink Salvator as a food substitute during Lent. The most famous master brewer was Frater Barnabas, who took over the Paulaner monastery brewery in 1773. His original recipe remains practically unchanged to this day. In order to preserve the original, Paulaner registered the name "Salvator" with the patent office in 1896.

Single Source Lager (5.0%)


Single Source is Montheiths latest release, a beer that is derived from Charmay barley from a singular Rakaia barley farm and Southern Cross hops from a singular Motueka hops farm, each one a source of the very best ingredients.

Monteith's Single Source is a bottom fermented batch brewed pilsner. Inside the pale, straw coloured lager is a flavour that begins with a soft bitterness building delicately with an aromatic balance of citrus and spice, ending with a sharp, dry finish.

Nirvana Pale Ale (4.5%)


Murray's Nirvana Pale Ale is the flagship beer of Murrays Craft Brewing, and their our idea of beer heaven. A hybrid of an American Pale Ale, combined with the classic English Pale Ale, the beer is a brilliant light-golden colour. Murray's Nirvana Pale Ale has a full-bodied finish and complex character. The beer's fresh citrusy/spicy aroma and flavour is strongly influenced by generous use of New Zealand-grown Cascade and Hallertau hops. This is well balanced with biscuity/toffee flavours from selected caramalts.

Enjoy Murray's Nirvana Pale Ale on its own, or as an ideal partner with hot and spicy food such as Thai, Indian or Vietnamese dishes.


May 2011 Club Beers

Wahoo Premium Ale (4.6%)

Gage Roads Brewery

A refreshing, award winning brew that when poured into a glass, this easy drinking, cold filtered ale produces a subtle lemon/lime aroma. Crisp cascade & vanguard hops deliver a gentle citrus bitterness that allows Wahoo to finish clean and dry with no lingering bitter aftertaste.

Dry Ale (4.5%)

Mclaren Vale

Originating from the fantastic McLaren Vale, one of Australia's great wine regions, Vale Dry is a bottle-conditioned premium dry lager. The beer is brewed with 100% malted grains, including the use of some wheat malt to deliver superior flavour and mouth feel. The brewing process has been modified to include an extended fermentation, which produces an exceptionally crisp and dry beer. A combination of noble hop varieties produce a crisp bitterness as well as some hop flavour, which is an innovation for dry lagers.

Vale Dry is fermented twice using several strains of yeast, to produce typical lager flavours whilst utilising sugars, resulting in the characteristic dry flavour. Some live yeast cells from the secondary fermentation will remain, thus giving a natural cloudy appearance.

Bitter (3.5%)

Redoak Brewery

Redoak Bitter is an interpretation of the traditional session English style bitter with Redoak's own character added. It has a rich amber colour, a good balance of hops and caramel aroma with a pleasant "crystal malt" flavour and finishes with a refreshing bitterness. The excellent mouth feel and body of this beer is bound to surprise you. This is a light beer yet full of flavour.

Redoak Bitter won the 'World's Best Bitter' title at the World Beer Awards 2009 and also achieved a Silver Medal at the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) that same year.

New Norcia Abbey Ale (7.0%)

Malt Shovel Brewery

A Belgian style Pale Ale brewed by Master Brewer Chuck Hahn. It was first brewed in 2004 for the Benedictine community around New Norcia Abbey, north of Perth. Malt Shovel master brewer Chuck Hahn struck a deal for 5000 litres, or 400 cases and 20 kegs to be delivered and cellared in the monastery. Two months after its September 2007 delivery, stocks ran dry. The locals loved its deep hue, its intense, spiced fruit, elevated alcohol and wide candy sugar character. It is Australia's only Abbey Ale -delicate, yet spicy and robust, an expression of age old tradition and hospitality.

A gold-medal winner at the 2010 World Beer Cup, beating 34 global entries.


April 2011 Club Beers

Black Lager (4.9%)

Samuel Adams

When one sees a beer with a darker complexion these days, more often than not it's a porter or a stout. But looks can be deceiving. There exists a style older than both and generally less well known; the schwarzbier, which literally translates to "Black Beer." Unlike its dark cousins which are ales hailing from Britain, schwarzbier comes from Germany and uses a bottom fermenting lager yeast. Samuel Adams Black Lager is brewed in the tradition of the latter. A medium bodied beer brewed using several different roasts of malt to create a smooth body and depth of malt character that has to be tasted to be believed.

Food Pairing: Enjoy with lamb shanks or a juicy steak.

Australian Ale (4.4%)

Bridge Road Brewers

The Beechworth Australian Ale is Bridge Road's original brew. A perfectly balanced ale and a great introduction to the world of craft beer. Australian Ale is a beer style that can trace its roots back to English style Pale Ales. The Aussie version developed into a style that better suits our warm climate, though not bland and still holding its own in the character department. Traditional Australian styled ales had all but been forgotten since the advent of lagers. Thankfully, however this beer style is enjoying a revival. Bridge Road's "Aussie Ale", as it is affectionately known by the locals, is a true "session beer", We hope you enjoy our Aussie Ale as much as the locals do!

William's Pale Ale (4.5%)

William Bull

In the great tradition of Australian Pale Ales, William's Pale Ale treads the line between a highly quenching ale, super bright and fresh with sharp carbonation, and lots of fresh hop and malt flavours for those that appreciate some real taste in their beer.

Brewed with all Australian malts and bittering hops, the beer is light on the palate with a subdued clean bitterness.

The William Bull brewery is the beer arm of the highly regarded winery family the De Bortoli's. The brewery was develop to create best of breed, craft beers that would reward a knowing palate and appeal to traditional beer drinkers.

Old Speckled Hen (4.7%)

Morland Brewing

Old Speckled Hen" has a full, smooth flavour and is very easy to drink. Its rich amber colour and superb fruity aromas are complemented by a delicious blend of malty tastes.

Toffee and malt combine with bitterness on the back of the tongue to give a balanced sweetness. This is followed by a refreshingly dry finish.

"Old Speckled Hen" was first brewed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the MG car factory in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Named after an old MG car which was used as the factory run around, they would park the old MG Featherweight Fabric Saloon outside the paint shop where it would normally get spattered in paint and so it became known as the ‘Owld Speckl'd Un'. This turned into "Old Speckled Hen" when the beer was unveiled.


March 2011 Club Beers

Bohemian Pilsner (5.0%)

Schwartz Brewery

A contemporary Bohemian Pilsner, brewed from Pilsner malt and imported Saaz hops for a classic full flavour and aroma.

The Schwartz Brewery is located in the belly of the Macquarie Hotel in Sydney, where you'll find a state of the art 8hl microbrewery on show for all to see.

Here you can experience all the processes from grain to glass and watch Head brewer Michael Capaldo bottle his finest brew in a purpose built bottling plant.

Wheat Beer

Mudgee Brewing Co

Mudgee Wheat is a traditional European-style beer, brewed using lots of wheat malt. It also uses Bavarian yeast, which gives the beer its cloudy appearance, and its distinctive aromas of clove and banana.

This beer goes down very easily and is absolutely packed to the rafters with flavour. Brewing wheat beers is actually one of the more difficult brewing styles, but the creamy texture and spicy overtones of Mudgee Wheat are always worth the trouble.

Alpha Queen (5%)

Boat Rocker

Alpha Queen is a big hoppy brew, using massive amounts of Cascade hops late in the boil to give the beer a big hop flavour, and then backed up by equally large amounts of dry hopping. The end result? A great example of an APA, with big hop flavour & a wonderful dry hop aroma.

Alpha Queen is the flagship beer of Boat Rocker, named because it uses so many female hop flowers and all their natural alpha acids.

Pale Ale (4.7%)

Kooinda Brewing

Kooinda Boutique Pale Ale is brewed in accordance with the German Purity Law of 1516, which states that only malt, water, yeast and hops can be used in brewing. The beer is a full bodied brew with a copper hue and hints of citrus in its aroma. The ale combines 3 specialty malts and finishes with a touch of bitterness on the palate.

Kooinda, meaning Happy Place was first developed when 4 young families crossed paths in 2004 and decided to follow a dream, to produce quality, diverse beer for people to savour. Like its beer, its brewery was hand crafted and constructed in the residential area of Rosanna, Melbourne and began trading in 2008.

In late 2009 a fifth family entered into the Kooinda adventure and since then the brewery has found itself expanding at a rapid rate. It is currently in the process of moving to bigger premises, looking to double its production.


February 2011 Club Beers

Kolsch (4.6%)

4 Pines Brewery

Light straw in colour. Aromas of lemon/lime prelude a light malty palate, finishing crisp and clean showing hints of spice and citrus.

Bronze English Ale (4.5%)

3 Ravens

A classical ale in the English tradition. Goldings hops offer a lusty country flavour, aroma and stalwart bitterness. Floor malted Maris Otter Barely and medium crystal malt gently underpin this companionable drop, full of hop flavour.

Prickly Moses Summer Ale (4.5%)

Otway Brewery

A refreshing, clean , crisp, golden ale. Hints of tropical pineapple, passionfruit and citrus flavours and the dry finish, makes this the perfect summer ale.

Awards: Silver medal 2008 Australian International Beer Show

Hefeweizen (4.8%)

Hargreaves Hill Brewery

Brewed with a traditional weissbier recipe, pale malted wheat and barley, fermented at 16 deg C, fermented with the iconic Weihenstephan yeast strain. A live beer, this yeast adds complexity and over the life of the beer, can present flavours of banana, clove, nutmeg and vanilla with a refreshing dryness


January 2011 Club Beers

Pale Ale (4.6%)

Badlands Brewery

A golden beer brewed in the traditional English Summer Ale style. Goldings hops add fruity, earthy and grassy flavours, while the very best English Maris Otter malt provides the bready, toffee background with a snappy bitterness in the finish that invites another. The well-balanced body and medium carbonation add to this drop's quaffability. The brewers class this one as dangerously drinkable!

Food matching: Pairs brilliantly with a wide range of dishes - try it with pizza, pasta and anything from the BBQ

Hightail Ale (4.5%)

Mountain Goat Beer

The Hightail is an English inspired amber ale with a rich malt body and floral hop aroma. On the nose it offers a mixture of toffee and fruit aromas with a lovely aromatic lift. Kicks like a real mountain goat!

The Mountain Goat brewery is located in Richmond, Victoria and is a highly recommended venue on a Friday night for beer diehards looking for that freshly brewed taste. Any night should then be finished off with a short walk down the road to the Royston Hotel for another Mountain Goat and a raft of other micro-brewed beers on tap.

Awards: Hightail Ale has collected a small bag of awards over the last 8 years at the Australian International Beer Awards including Trophy for Best Draught Ale (Small Brewery section) and numerous gold, silver and bronze medals.

Portarlington Pilsner (4.3%)

Bellarine Brewing Company

This Pilsner has a fresh, floral bouquet perfectly balanced with aromatic grassy and fruit notes. The zest hop flavour and delicate malts character combine exceptionally on the palate leaving the drinker refreshed and well cleansed.

Bellarine Brewing Company is the only micro brewed beer on the Bellarine Peninsula, near Geelong, Victoria. The brewery was first established in 2007 producing beers that are distinctly different, full of character and flavour. This is beer with attitude, perfect for the first time beer drinker and loved by the mature palate of a seasoned connoisseur

Food matching: An excellent complement to fried or spicy food

Awards - Bronze 2010 Australian International Beer Awards

Amber Ale (5.2%)

Endeavour Beverages

The Reserve Amber Ale takes on Endeavour's signature 'vintage-ingredients' brewing technique, brewing as a reflection of the years ingredient yield and characters - not just off a recipe. This allows the brewers to tweak the brew based on each year's ingredients and where they are sourced from. This methodical approach and careful selection of premium Australian and small amounts of international ingredients results in a beer which is not only unique each year, but also created with the drinkers palate in mind.

Endeavour's Reserve Amber Ale is bottle conditioned for both complexity and longevity. It can be carefully cellared for up to 3 years. This beer is a full amber red in colour and has a full bouquet with toast and cinnamon characteristics complimented with a malty palate.

Food Pairings: Ideally suited for cooler weather and will match well with lamb or beef dishes. Can also be paired with chocolate desserts.