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2013 Beer Club Packs

Below is a list and description of previous Beer Cartel Club beers.

December 2013

Governor Golden Ale

Rocks Brewing

An Australian unfiltered golden ale made with Ale and Wheat malt. Brewed using new variety of Australian Hop to give stone fruit flavours and aromas. Pours golden with a tight white head.

Named after several early governors who promoted the advancement of beer brewing in the early colony of Sydney. From Governor Bligh and the infamous mutiny of HMS Bounty and his controversial resignation as the NSW Governor after the Rum Rebellion, to Governor Phillip King who was prompted by Lord Hobart to import brewing materials to try and stem the rum currency in the early colony.

Beachy’s Brew

Birbecks Brewing Co

Birbeck’s Brewing Company is a relative newcomer to the Australian craft brewing scene but is already out to do things slightly differently. This beer is the commercial release of its first ever home brew competition. The challenge – to brew a beer with Oat malt. It could have been a new style like an Oat IPA, India Brown Ale, Oat Brown, Oat Stout, light brown oaty ale, red oat ale. Lots of hops, little hops, big esters low esters. The key though was for the beer to be balanced.

This is the winning beer, named Beachy's Brew. It is an Oat Porter designed by Adam Beauchamp. It has a rich malty and chocolate aroma which follows through to the flavour making it incredibly drinkable. The malt adds a smooth silky mouthfeel. A pleasure to drink.

Constable Copper Ale

James Squire

The Constable Copper Ale is brewed in the style of an English Ordinary Bitter. This is a classic British ale style uses Pale, Munich and Crystal malts alongside Super Alpha, Topaz, UK Fuggles and Galaxy hops. It is striving for the happy middle ground between its’ light, sessionable pale ale and its’ heavier Jack of Spades porter.

This is the latest beer in the James Squire range, named after the somewhat surprising episode in James Squire’s life when he went from con to cop as a resident district constable.


Little Creatures

Little Creatures was established in 2000 by the original brewers of the Matilda Bay Brewing Co. The brewery was created after dreams of making an American Pale Ale – with it said that the recipe for Little Creatures Pale Ale was similar in characteristic top the hugely successful Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in the US.

This beer is the latest addition to the Little Creatures range and is an IPA that delivers rugged hop flavours and a citrusy nose that you would expect from this beer style. However you’ll also detect aniseed and savoury notes, balanced out with a long firm bitterness to finish.


November 2013

Golden Ace

Feral Brewing Co

Golden Ace is a refreshing Golden Ale brewed with Japanese Bred Sorachi Ace hops. Lightly filtered and slightly cloudy, the results are a vibrant aroma of hoppy lemon and citrus with a refreshingly clean bitter finish.

The beer is brewed by Feral Brewing in Swan Valley, Western Australia. It is one of Australia’s leading craft breweries, having one multiple awards thanks to head brewer Brendan Varis’ extraordinary palate – he can distinguish a beer that has been freshly bottled and one that is a few days old!



500 years of hard work went into making this beer that features the aroma of orange peel, coriander and herbs that the merry monks imported from sunny Curacao.

Speaking of which, pouring Hoegaarden is just like letting the sun fall into your glass - light yellow and naturally murky. With the soft foamy head adding a cloudy finish. It has a soft taste, light and slightly sweet and sour and with subtle citrus notes.

Perfectly matched with fish.

Red Ale

961 Beer

961 Red Ale is a version of the classic English Amber or Red Ale. This beer is 5.5% in ABV, is malty and reddish in colour. Smooth, round and full bodied it has an intensely fruity and aromatic flavour. The use of Amarillo hops adds a spicy note to the beer and gives it a slightly sweet and creamy finish.

This is our first ever craft beer from Lebanon. 961 Beer began during the dark days of the July 2006 siege on Lebanon. Tired with the lack of quality beer in Lebanon, Mazen Hajjar and his friends started to brew beer in his very own kitchen. When 961 Beer officially began brewing they were one of the smallest breweries in the world, and the only microbrewery in the Middle East (and still are), now brewing nearly 2 million litres per year.

Smokey Bishop Dark Lager


The ’Smokey Bishop’ is a regal beer, resounding with dense and lush chocolate and coffee notes. This beer is based on the dark lagers of Munich, Germany and is, as far as the brewers are concerned, a rewarding and hedonistic beer.

Matso’s is the Kimberley’s award winning microbrewery and is a true Broome treasure. The building in which the brewery is housed was originally a bank built in the centre of the Japanese community of Broome in 1910. It survived a near fatal fire in the late 1940’s, has been a general store, cafe, art gallery and since 2000 a micro brewery.


October 2013

Golden Ale

Bridge Rd Brewers

Back at the end of the 90s, Bridge Rd Brewer Ben Kraus took flight to Italy in an attempt to grow his wine making knowledge. Distracted by the great skiing in Austria he ended up working at Tiroler Bier, a traditional microbrewery in Innsbruck. Having honed his skills as a brewer, he returned to Beechworth in Victoria and started up Bridge Road Brewers, now one of Australia’s leading craft breweries.

The Bridge Road Brewers Golden Ale uses all Australian pale malts and aromatic hop varieties to create the perfect Australian craft beer. Light malt characters combined with subtle late and dry hop additions result in a classic Golden Ale.


Boatrocker Brewery

Boatrocker’s beers started out as home-brewed experiments, which, while waiting to afford the funds to build their own brewery, were originally contract brewed. This all changed in late 2012 when the fully fledged Boatrocker Brewery was set up in Melbourne’s South East and today is producing exceptional full flavoured craft beers.

Smash! Is just one of these beers. Described as a New World Hop Ale, it uses masses of hop flowers throughout the brew to impart a wonderful mix of tropical and stone fruit aroma and flavour.

Punch & Judy

Murrays Craft Brewing Co

At only 3.9% ABV Punch & Judy's Ale is a great, full flavoured hoppy session ale. It has a huge flavour for a beer with this size.

Based on an English Bitter style - but with a Murray's twist. Strong British malt flavour with the rich nutty caramel of the dark crystal malt balanced by the strong hops of the New Zealand Riwaka and Motueka hops.

Rated 89 out of 100 on

Fixed Gear

Lakefront Brewery

Inspired by the energy and audacity of the fixed gear courier, Lakefront Brewery ran smack into this arresting creation. Fixed Gear is a big, bold American red ale. It pours a glaring crimson tone with a rocky white head and a brilliant floral-citrus aroma, thanks to an aggressive dry hopping.

Its immodest, malty spine and intrepid caramel flavours blow in via gratuitous amounts of 2-row pale and dark caramel malts. A balanced citrus bite comes from Chinook and Cascade hops followed shortly by mild, fruity esters from the ale yeast. Weighing in at a mean 6.8% ABV and 54 IBU's, this one's got an attitude.


September 2013


Konig Ludwig

The selected yeast gives this "Weissbier" unmistakable flavours of cloves and banana. A special brewing process with traditional bottle fermentation results in a particular bubbly, naturally cloudy "Hefeweissbier"

Select ingredients, a special brewing process, perfected quality control and bottle fermentation guarantee the bubbly, fresh taste of this royal Bavarian “Weissbier”. HRH Luitpold, Prince of Bavaria pays personal attention to the high quality of this beer and the exclusive resources from southern Germany.

König Ludwig Weissbier was honored with the World Beer Award for the world’s best wheat beer in 2008. The jury of the international journal “Beers of the World” praised König Ludwig Weissbier as the “prototype of a Bavarian wheat beer”.


Tusker Malt

Tusker's heritage dates back to 1922. It is loved by East African's and has become part of the rich regional fabric. Tusker lager is named in memory of the brewery's founder George Hurst, who was killed by a rogue elephant in 1923.

Tusker Malt Lager is brewed for longer than other contemporary lagers giving it that unmistakably rich, smooth premium taste that is widely recognized and that consumers have grown to love.

Australian Pale Ale

Kwencher Premium

Pale, straw coloured with a fine haze. Passionfruit and honey citrus aroma with a refreshing balance of Galaxy and Cascade hops ensure a crisp sharp finish. The Crystal malt drives a sensational lingering flavour that is extremely moreish. A fabulous session Pale Ale.

Awards: Australasia’s Best Pale Ale. Asia Beer Awards 2013.

Bling IPA

Bridge Rd Brewers

Bridge Road Brewers have created their own take on a more traditional beer style - India Pale Ale, originally a heavily hopped beer developed for the long haul from England to India by boat. Fresh hops were added to the barrel and the alcohol was bolstered to ensure the beer went the distance on the high seas.

Bling, is a huge beer, with all the bells and whistles. This ale is armed to the teeth with hops and studded with 24 carrot modified malts. At Bridge Road we’ve gone all out to make an IPA that screams hops and malt but still keeps balance in mind. Try matching this beer it with anything spicy or enjoy this malt and hop mouth full on its own. We love it, and hope you can too.


August 2013

Original Wheat Ale

Belgian Blue

Pale straw in colour with a bright white head this beer is a quenching ale. A soft refreshing taste of orange citrus fruit and subtle spice. Slightly tart and incredibly appetising.

Enjoy as a thirst quencher or with light meals year round. A beautifully balanced authentic Belgian Wheat Ale ready to enjoy now.


Orange, Fruity, Sherbert


Wheat, Citrus, Quenching

Dark Knight Porter

Murrays Craft Brewing Co

Since 2006, Murray’s Craft Brewing Co has been brewing incredible, quirky and sometimes just plain weird naturally-crafted fine ales. And while the beers may have these attributes, they are also a quality product, with Head Brewer Shawn Sherlock recognised as the 2012 Australia Brewer of the Year, at the annual Beer and Brewer awards.

Murray's Dark Knight is made in the traditional Porter style from six specialty malts. It is full bodied, rich and complex. The beer is a deep ruby colour, with a creamy, off-white head. Murray's Dark Knight has an aroma of caramel and bittersweet chocolate and finishes with a balanced bitterness.


Weltenburger Kloster

Fresh and pleasantly bitter, hoppy in scent and flavour, golden with a creamy, compact head. It satisfies the highest requirements and plays in the Premium League of Pils beers.

Just falling short of the “Oldest Brewery in the World” title (beaten by Weihenstephan by a mere 10 years!), Weltenburger is located near Kelheim, Bavaria, Klosterbrauerei. Weltenburger resides on a mighty picturesque spot of land on the Danube River, and, unlike state owned Weihenstephan, Weltenburger still remains an active Benedictine monastery. Believed to be the oldest monastery in Bavaria, Weltenburger was founded in 620A.D.,although definite evidence of brewing does not emerge until 1050.


Hawthorn Brewing

An Indian Pale Ale, rich in bold flavours from crystal malt and bursting with bitterness and hop flavour, derived from a lavish dose of Australian Hops.

Hawthorn Australian IPA is their local take on this celebrated international style. Made from five locally grown malts and four Tasmanian hops, this beer is all Aussie!

Crystal and Munich malts give the IPA its deep golden colour, and a copious amount of late kettle hops guarantees plenty of bitterness, with passionfruit, melon and stone fruit characters on the palate. All four hops are also dry hopped in the fermenter to produce a similarly striking aroma. Hawthorn IPA is unfiltered and unpasteurised! Ideal matched with stronger dishes like curry.


July 2013

LGR (4.5%)


Pale straw in colour with a bright white head this beer is a quenching ale. A soft refreshing taste of orange citrus fruit and subtle spice. Slightly tart and incredibly appetising.

Enjoy as a thirst quencher or with light meals year round. A beautifully balanced authentic Belgian Wheat Ale ready to enjoy now.


Orange, Fruity, Sherbert


Wheat, Citrus, Quenching

IPA (5.2%)

Badlands Brewery

A biggish IPA in every direction - bitter, pungent fruity hop backbone but with the malt complexity and slightly higher alcohol to bring the beer back into balance.

While Badlands beers are currently produced off-site, they are in the process of setting up their brewery in the gorgeous country town of Orange, about 50km from Bathurst. A nice little addition to what is also a wine region that is going from strength to strength.

Cool Hops Lager (4.6%)

Edge Brewing

Cool Hops is an Australian-style pale lager brewed at Southern Bay Brewery in Geelong. It is the end product of a productive working relationship between Melbourne’s Adam Betts, of Northdown Beer, and Christian Skovdal Andersen, of Denmark’s Beer Here.

Bursting with hop aromas that lead you to expect something chewy, it's actually a pretty light-bodied, balanced lager. Ranked as the number 1 beer in the pale lager style on

First Harvest (5.5%)


First Harvest has a rich amber colour and prominent fruity aroma with smokey overtones, exhibits flavours of peach, with a spicy finish.

It's almost expected for breweries to have interesting one-off beers each year and hop harvest beers are a favourite. Cascade was a leader in this trend first brewing this beer a decade ago and managing to make it different and interesting each year since.

The 12th vintage of Cascade First Harvest Ale, using experimental "green" hop flowers immediately after picking. This year's hops are named after Tasmanian mountains: Wellington for bitterness, Belmont for flavour and Field, added late, for aroma.


June 2013

Original Lager (5.0%)


Moa Original is a classically brewed lager created from a blend of New Zealand premium malts and Nelson hops. Fermented with traditional bottom fermenting yeast, Moa Original shows an array of smooth velvety characters on the palate but also has a refreshing floral nose.

Food Matches:

Fried pork cutlet with sweet miso sauce.

Tom yam kung soup with coconut milk, lime and seafood.


Gold – Brew NZ Awards

Silver – Australian Intl. Beer Awards ’11

Bronze – Australian Intl. Beer Awards ’12

Bronze – Asia Beer Awards ’11

Wilde Gluten Free Pale Ale (4.5%)

Koala Beer

Roughly 1 in 100 Australians and New Zealanders suffer from Coeliac disease and other gluten intolerances. Both conditions can develop at any time in life and can damage the lining of the small intestine. This occurs when gluten, which is found in wheat, barley, rye and oats is consumed. This damage affects the ability to absorb nutrients properly and the person becomes malnourished.

Bearing this in mind the team at Koala Beer came up with Wilde Gluten Free Pale Ale. While beer is normally made with barley and/or wheat, Wilde was created using an alternative grain that not only is gluten free, but tastes just like normal beer. This is in turn leaving Coeliac sufferers everywhere very happy!

Four Brothers IPA (5.0%)

Birbeck’s Brewing Co

Four Brothers is an Australian style IPA, or India Pale Ale. With a strong hop flavour and aroma it showcases the Stella hop variety. Sweet and slightly bready malt supports the strong citrus and spicy hop character. The firm bitterness and malt lingers in the finish making for an approachable IPA.

The name Birbeck originates from a hamlet in North West England and in old Norse means birch wood by the stream. Drawing on family history Birbeck’s beers will focus on innovative new styles of beers perfect for the Australian climate as well as some traditional English styles, creating brews which are approachable, easy drinking and hoppy.

44 American Amber Ale (6.5%)

Riverside Brewing

A deep tawny colour, this big, bold American style amber is packed with roast and crystal malts, balanced with a smack of American Cascade and Centennial hops. Forty Four American Amber is unfiltered and bottle conditioned for maximum taste and enjoyment.

The Riverside Brewing Company is a relatively new craft brewery, which opened its doors for the first time at its Western Sydney location in 2012. They are dedicated to brewing pure, natural, hand-crafted beers that are bursting with flavour and aroma whilst being free of additives and preservatives. Quality, not quantity, is what they strive for and is what they achieve time and time again.


May 2013

Prickly Moses Otway Ale (4.9%)

Otway Estate

A medium bodied ale with a deep copper colour, derived from the use of crystal malts. A refreshing but appetizing beer with toffee and caramel flavours balanced nicely with European and American hops. This all malt ale is warm fermented which adds some complexity to the beer and leads to a fruity aroma which compliments this particular style of beer.

Ocean Ale (4.6%)

Southern Bay Brewing Co

The brewers ambition with this beer was to capture the essence of our Great Southern Land, which is bordered by the Southern Ocean.

This micro-brewed pale ale’s warm malt character is shaped by the vastness of the open sea. Local, UK and German specialty malts are at its heart and a unique combination of NZ and US hops provide fruity aromatics with zingy grapefruit notes, which give way to a cleansing wave of bitterness.

Pale Ale (4.6%)

Quiet Deeds

The team behind this beer don’t pretend to have brewing heritage or brag about long traditions. They simply wanted to design an easy drinking beer in a no fuss way.

They describe Quiet Deeds Pale Ale as a humble pale ale made from Aussie hops. With four different malts and the addition of quality Australian cascade and amarillo hops, this pale ale provides a unique floral nose and complex citrus tones on the palate. Cleansing and refreshing with a lingering bitter finish.

St Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale (5.0%)


McAuslan is one of Quebec’s best known and successful craft brewers, having been established in 1989. The brewery launched with its first beer, a hoppy pale ale, which was extremely successful and since then they have been steadily increasing their range of beers.

The Apricot Wheat Ale started its life as a spring seasonal release in 1997 and in 1999 it was voted most popular beer in its category at the Montreal Beer Festival – Mondial de la Biere. It is now part of the permanent range and available all year round.


This wheat beer blends various barley malts with malted wheat and natural apricot essence to create an original-tasting beer with a clean, fruit nose.


April 2013

Hangman Pale Ale (4.9%)

Rocks Brewing

Rocks Pale Ale is an American Style Pale Ale. Made with American Ale yeast, this extremely flavoursome beer pours a deep gold colour with a tight white head. With big citrus and stone fruit aromas on the nose, the beer is supported with a firm bitterness, solid malt backbone and zingy hop flavour from a mix of cascade and liberty hops thrown late into the kettle.

This pale ale is balanced by using Munich and caramel pils malt to give a full bodied taste.

2012 Growers Ale (4.2%)

Endeavour Brewing

The 2012 Growers Ale by the expert crew at Endeavour Brewing is a hand-crafted brew that is made in tribute to the artisan hop and barley growers in Australia who provide their quality produce to help create craft beers just like this. Exciting aromatic characters of fresh hops are clearly evident on a nose that gives way to an extremely refreshing palate with a superb long lasting finish.

Endeavour Brewing is unique in it’s beers thanks to it’s brewer, Andy Stewart, who cut his teeth in the wine industry. Using the knowledge that the ingredients in wine differ every year and thus create vintages of different characteristics, he has similarly applied this to his beers – tweaking the recipes of the beers he creates each year to create brews with character.

Liberty Ale (5.9%)

Anchor Brewing

The champagne-like bubbles, distinctive hop bouquet and balanced character of Liberty Ale revives centuries-old ale brewing traditions that are now more relevant than ever. First produced in 1975, the beer is brewed according to traditional brewing methods, using only natural ingredients; pale malted barley, fresh whole-cone Cascade hops, a special top-fermenting yeast and water.

The yeast used during fermentation produces many of Liberty Ale's subtle flavours and characteristics. A natural process called "bunging" creates gentle carbonation and the practice of dry hopping (adding fresh hops to the brew during aging), revived by Anchor, creates its unique aroma.

An outstanding beer rated 95 out of 100 on

Oatmeal Stout (5.9%)

Temple Brewery

Jet black in colour with a thick, creamy mocha-like head, Temple Oatmeal Stout displays a luscious aroma of roasted coffee and chocolate, while a light sweetness from crystal malts hints at a coffee and cream impression.

The use of both malted and unmalted oats lends a nutty, grainy and earthy flavour that is complimented by traditional English East Kent Goldings and Northdown hops.

Full bodied and richly flavoured with a velvety smooth, silky mouthfeel, at 5.9% ABV, Temple Oatmeal Stout is both satisfying and elegant.

It pairs well with a wide range of hearty, full-flavoured foods and delicious desserts, including the left over chocolate of Easter!


March 2013

Steam 202 (4.7%)

Beach Hut Brewery

The Beach Hut Brewery journey began twenty years ago in the kitchen of a Melbourne home when a young bloke decided to brew his own beer to ensure Friday nights were never dull. From his spot in the kitchen, he was kicked out to the shed, then barrelled into the garage, before being booted out by the council and forced to hide in a mate’s factory, lastly arriving at his own brewery.

This is an original Australian steam ale, brewed with a lager yeast strain at ale temperatures producing a craft beer with a flavour profile of subtle woody and caramel notes, leaving a clean, crisp finish with signature Steam 202 aromas. The Steam 202 recipe has been honed, awarded and enjoyed by many brewing peers and freeloading mates. The recipe for Steam 202 has being perfected over 201 batches, hence the name Steam 202.

Pilsner (4.8%)

Australian Brewery

Australian Brewery’s Head Brewer, Neal Cameron, came to brewing as a second career after a long spell in corporate roles around the world. A scientist by training, a life-long love affair with the amber nectar resulted in a second spell at university and a post-grad qualification to brew beer half a decade ago.

Neal came to the Australian Brewery from William Bull Brewery in Griffith which he set-up for the wine giant De Bortoli Wines. After a successful five years producing award winning beers for De Bortoli and contract brewing some of the best craft beers in the country, Neal made the move to Sydney to head up the Australian Brewery’s operations.

This Pilsner is pale and bright, but don’t let this wolf in sheep’s clothing fool you, there’s lots of spicy fresh hop aromas and a fair hit of bitterness making this a beer to be reckoned with.

Pale Lager (4.8%)

Byron Bay

Byron Bay Brewing Co have always been known to do things slightly differently. A few years back we remember watching them on Sunrise touting their beer in plastic bottles; perfect for sports matches and music festivals. A fantastic idea for getting craft beer into those locations where you wouldn’t expect it, and while it didn’t appear to eventuate it is still a great thought for the future.

Bryon Bay Pale Lager is a refreshing brew with low bitterness and a balanced citrus aftertaste. The beer is the flagship brew of the Byron Bay Surfing Festival and was awarded a bronze medal in 2012. Goes well with prawns on the BBQ, enjoy.

Dead Pony Club (3.8%)


Kingpin is a full-flavoured, red-coloured ale that uses a rarely-grown Willamette Valley Hop varietal known as Liberty Hops from fourth generation hop farmer John Annen of Annen Bros. Farm in Silverton, Oregon. Jeff and his team of brewers also used rye and caramel malt leading to a unique flavour profile; triple-hopped for bitterness, aroma and a unique dry-hopped character.


February 2013

Hoppy Lager (5.0%)


The beer is inspired by Australia’s rich brewing history using the finest quality ingredients to produce a full-flavoured beer and a palate finish that is refreshingly long and clean.

This clean drinking golden lager balances slight malt sweetness with medium bitterness and a citrus floral aroma. A small percentage of crystal malt is used in the mash to darken the colour and provide a fuller palate.

Tuckerbox is brewed with 100% Australian malted barley. Bittering is achieved using New Zealand Super-Alpha hops whilst the late hop character is achieved by dry hopping with US Cascade directly into the maturation vessel.

Pale Ale (4.6%)

Dade & Dave's #1

This beer is the creation of Dave Dumay, a chef who started making his own beer back in 2007 because, on an apprentice wage, a case of beer represented a large chunk of his weekly pay.

Curiosity soon took over. Enlisting the help of his father, who had dabbled in brewing, they started experimenting with different grains and hops. They then discovered an introductory weekly brewing course offered by Ballarat University.

After attending they then purchased around $5,000 of homebrew equipment and enrolled in Ballarat University’s 2 year Graduate Certificate of Brewing, convinced starting their own beer company was the thing to do.

Dad & Dave’s #1 Pale Ale is the company’s first offering with future plans to release two more signature beers to their range, tipped to be an Organic Lager and an Oaked Porter.

Bridgeport IPA (5.5%)

Bridgeport Brewing

Amber in colour, BridgePort IPA has an assertive and fragrant hop character from the two full pounds of Cascade, Chinook, Goldings, Crystal and Ahtanum hops in every barrel.

BridgePort was founded in 1984 by local winemakers and claims to be Oregon's Oldest Craft Brewery. This India Pale Ale (IPA) is the brewery's best known beer. It has won a number of awards in the United States and abroad, including; a Gold Medal at the 2005 Brewing Industry International Awards; a Gold Medal and Category Champion Trophy at the 2000 Brewing Industry International Awards ; and a Gold Medal for Classic English Style Pale Ale at the Great American Beer Festival in 1997.

Acme California Pale Ale (5.0%)

North Coast Brewing

North Coast Brewing Co is located on California’s Mendocino Coast (northern California) and has been brewing since 1988. A pioneer in the American craft beer movement they have developed a strong reputation with their beers winning over 70 awards in national and international competitions.

The Acme California Pale Ale is an easy-drinking pale ale which revives the name of one of the early icons of California brewing. Clean-tasting and pleasantly malty, Acme Pale is brewed with Yakima Valley hops, American two-row malt and British specialty malts for depth.


January 2013 Club Beers

Yowie Lager (4.6%)

King Valley Brewery

A little Yowie poem:

At four feet tall with shaggy hair lurks a little misunderstood guy, Across the hills of King Valley his presence they can’t deny.

Seeking the finest barley and purest water the landscape can offer.

The premium ingredients for a perfect brew to fill his winter coffer.

A lonesome being who guards his brew just as any humanoid would,

We found the recipe within his lair in the deepest of the woods.

Preservative free and pure in process whilst all the magic lives,

The smooth quenching flavour burst The Yowie’s Lager gives.

Dos Blockos (4.6%)

East 9th Brewing Co

Dos Blockos Pale Lager is born from the underground squatting fraternity that came about in New York in the 1990’s. It was a time when squatters in the infamous Dos Blockos building were renovating with every tooth and nail they could find to make vacant buildings habitable, whilst developers were throwing around their corporate weight to force the squatters further down into the discarded underground.

Tough living wasn’t tough when it was what people believed in. It was art and music and party and the beer that developed was bare of anything but the essential taste. The speciality pale malt and cascade hops were used because that’s what was available. The Doss Blockos that is being consumed now still comes in the brown paper bag that everyone knows beer had to be consumed from when people needed to be able to keep the law out of their face.

Anchor Steam Beer (4.9%)

Anchor Brewing Company

San Francisco's famous Anchor Steam, the classic of American brewing tradition since 1896, is virtually handmade, with an exceptional respect for the ancient art of brewing. The deep amber colour, thick creamy head, and rich flavour all testify to Anchor’s traditional brewing methods. Anchor Steam is unique, for their brewing process has evolved over many decades and is like no other in the world.

Anchor Steam derives its unusual name from the 19th century when "steam" seems to have been a nickname for beer brewed on the West Coast of America under primitive conditions and without ice. The brewing methods of those days are a mystery and, although there are many theories, no one can say with certainty why the word "steam" came to be associated with beer. For many decades Anchor alone has used this quaint name for its unique beer.

India Pale Ale (6.2%)

Mountain Goat Brewery

This is a hop driven, malty ale with a strong bitterness thanks to a good dose of Citra and Galaxy hops. Its a tough nut, but loveable all the same.

The beer was part of Mountain Goat’s limited release Rare Breed range but has now become an all-grown-up fully-fledged member of the permanent range. …And like the doting parents Mountain Goat are, they’re super proud of her. The beer still has the same big tropical hop aroma – dry-hopped using Galaxy (Tas), Citra (USA) and Motueka (NZ), and full malty body (Ale malt, Wheat and Crystal malts).