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2016 Beer Club Packs

Below is a list and description of previous Beer Cartel Club beers.

Young Henrys


Young Henry's wouldnt be what it is without Newtown. Its our home, community and inspiration. So when the suburb celebrated its sesquicentenary and we were invited to brew a unique beer to celebrate, we jumped at the chance.


The resulting beer was an Aussie Pale Ale called Newtowner. In a bit of a nod to the suburbs past and present influences, we used a blend of English and Australian malts. Then we added three varieties of local hops to make it fun, fruity and even a little bitter - just like Newtown.

Little Creatures

Hotchkiss Six

A smooth stout, with indulgent dark chocolate qualities from caramel malt, English chocolate malt and roasted barley. Oats add to the full and rounded palate. Fruity aromas and aniseed-like spice come from late brewhouse additions of NZ Rakau and Southern Cross hops.





It's no secret we helped create and popularize West Coast style IPAs (since 1997), Double IPAs (since 2000) & Triple IPAs (since 2006). In fact, IPAs of every ilk imaginable are our bread and (hop) butter at Stone Brewing Co., but we'll be the first to admit that a night of subsisting solely on big IPAs can be a short one.


It's no secret we helped create and popularize West Coast style IPAs (since 1997), Double IPAs (since 2000) & Triple IPAs (since 2006). In fact, IPAs of every ilk imaginable are our bread and (hop) butter at Stone Brewing Co., but we'll be the first to admit that a night of subsisting solely on big IPAs can be a short one.

Newstead Brewing

The Mayne Thing Golden Ale

Traditional malts and wheat combine to create a smooth, rich and creamy mouthfeel. Citra and Galaxy hops for flavour and aroma you get a face full of fruit salad. We are pretty sure this will count towards your 5 a day. (Or not...)



Two Birds Brewing

Bantam IPA

Two Birds Bantam IPA is a handcrafted, full flavoured, session India Pale Ale. This copper-coloured beer shows tropical and fruit salad notes, with refined bitterness which gives it great drinkability. This brew is smooth, clean and fruity. With lower alcohol than a standard IPA, this lil' beer punches well above its weight!



Colonial Brewing

Colonial Draught - Kolsch Ale

This is a beer for all walks of life to be enjoyed uncomplicated, naturally and honestly without pretence. Its not a gimmick, Colonial Draught is not brewed to match your tie or through the magic interpretive dance improve your social standing, Colonial Breweries crafted draught is a beer for the people and is comfortable anywhere, anytime from the beach to the boardroom.


Delicate hop flower aromas precede a palate so light, crisp and balanced that its often mistaken for a pilsner.



Redhook ESB is modeled after the premium Extra Special Bitters found in English pubs. Brewed since 1987, this full-bodied amber ale is Redhooks signature brew with its toasted malt flavour and pleasant finishing sweetness. Its eminently drinkable style has established Redhook ESB as a benchmark brew in the amber ale category. The well-rounded finish of Redhook ESB makes it a wonderful companion to grilled meats. It is also great with game and cheeses.




Long Trip Saison

A combination of pale and wheat malts, with the addition into the mash of a special variety of coffee beans from a local specialist roaster. European and American hops then get combined with some fantastic unique Australian ingredients, like wattle seeds added at the end of the boil. Our aim is to create a dry, clean and very sessionable Saison, with hints of coffee, citrus and spice.



4 Pines

American Amber Ale

Ruby in colour with rich copper hues, the American Amber Ales hop-driven aromas of currant and pear are rounded on the palate with toasted malt character, light fruitiness and a balanced bitter finish.


Ruby in colour with rich copper hues, the American Amber Ales hop-driven aromas of currant and pear are rounded on the palate with toasted malt character, light fruitiness and a balanced bitter finish.

Hawthorn Brewing Co

Premium Pale Ale

This Pale Ale is designed to present a rich and complex malt character, derived from a blend of five different types of grain.


The malt character is balanced by the inclusion of five complementary hop varieties. Sourced from New Zealand, Southern England and the US Pacific Northwest, these hops deliver fruit and spice flavours, whilst additional hops added after fermentation provide floral and citrus aromatics.

Hop Nation

The Fiend Australian IPA

Introducing THE FIEND, an Australian IPA and part one of Hop Nation’s nation-based IPA series.THE FIEND – noun. “someone who craves a certain substance.”


Obsessed with getting their grubby mitts on the best Australian hops they could, Hop Nations brewers have put them to good use in this IPA.

Riverside Brewing

88 Robust Porter

This dark, mahogany coloured ale was a favourite with the workers in 19th century London. Our Porter is well balanced between malt and hops with subtle notes of chocolate resulting in a smooth and very drinkable beer.


Riverside 88 Robust Porter is unfiltered and bottle conditioned for maximum taste and enjoyment.

Sydney Brewery

Darlo Dark

Darlinghurst is a suburb of contrasts and has the ability to turn everything you believe on its head. So too does Darlo Dark, a bold lager with a dark side, a rich, deep, slightly chocolatey dark side. But it also has a soft side, balanced, surprisingly refreshing and smooth. Its the hottest beer for winter. The addition of noble hops makes it the coolest beer for summer. Confused? Try a Darlo Dark right now and youll see how weirdly and beautifully it all comes together!




Punk IPA

BrewDog's popular Punk IPA now comes in a can, how cool is that! Perfect for road trips, camping trips or a day out on the water. Described as “a 'post modern classic pale ale”', this is definitely not your common brew. The brewers themselves describe it as an “aggressive” beer, by which they mean it is as distant from common mass marketed beers as Pluto is to the sun!


A slightly higher ABV than standard beers gives it a bit of a kick, which is nicely complimented by citrus aromas and tastes of pineapple, lime and lemon.


Session Ale

The appearance is bright yellow with a crisp white head that laces the glass perfectly as you take each sip. The aroma is full of lush tropical fruit (particularly passion fruit) and the bitterness is structured and morish. This beer is easy drinking, finishes dry and very clean.



Lord Nelson

Dead Ahead 175th Anniversary Ale

Dead Ahead is a nod to our past and a glimpse into our future. Golden British Ale in style, refined in palate, full flavoured and supremely sessionable, Dead Ahead is an eminently Lord styled ale.




Supercharger APA

As Panhead say: “A long, aromatic list of hops like Centennial, Citra and Simcoe should lead you to expect massive bitterness and sensory hop presence, and you wouldn't be too far off in that expectation at all”. An American Pale Ale with a nose full of wheaty, resinous and herby notes from a white, persistent head. Pleasantly bitter flavours and a nice, long finish on the way down.





Hop Tart

Last month we wrote about soured beers, and this is a perfect example of a kettle soured ale. If you are new to the beer club you can read the article about soured ales on our blog.


Taking a step away from their normal brewing processes, Holgate have intentionally soured this beer using Lactobacillus in the brew kettle before the boil. The addition of bacteria (which is also used to create yoghurt), creates a beer with a refreshing sourness.



Australian Brewery

All Star Session IPA

Created by one of Australia’s leading craft breweries in conjunction with some Sydney bartenders, this beer was designed as a post work thirst quencher that packed flavour but not the high alcohol. Hence being a session IPA.


The All Star name is in reference to the all American hop varietals used in this beer; Moasic, Centennial, Columbus, Cascade and Amarillo. Hops are added during the brewing process and then twice afterwards (dry hopping), to deliver a piney and resinous fruity punch.




Chop Shop Pale Ale

This pale ale is full of guts and character, packing a massive punch of American hops (Cascade, Columbus and Simcoe), with a full malt foundation. This muscle loaded garage brew showcases the best an American Pale Ale (APA) has to offer.





Power Stance Pilsner

Brewed with 100% German Pilsner malt and noble German hops the Power Stance Pilsner displays traditional characteristics that you expect from a German pilsner.


Adhering to a strict 8 week lagering period (many Australian made lagers only lager for 4 weeks), the result is a super smooth, full flavoured Pilsner with a slight malt sweetness and firm spicy noble bitterness from the use of Hallertau and Spalt noble hops.



Moon Dog

Old Mate

We’ve all got an old mate, and this beer is a tribute to them.


Part of Moon Dog’s core range, this beer sits alongside beers like Love Tap Double Lager and Mack Daddy Dark Ale. Distinct Cascade hop characters, contribute to hop aromas and flavours of pine, wood, spice, peach and orange. There's dark caramel malts and a resinous bitterness to round things off.



Stone & Wood

Garden Ale

The Garden Ale was originally a limited release beer but was in high demand and filled a gap in Stone and Wood’s beer line up that the brewers decided to add it to their core range at the end of 2015.


Brewed with a blend of pale and crystal malts, and both kettle and dry hopped with Ella, a new world hop variety from the Australian hop gardens. Garden Ale has a citrus fruit aromatic balanced with a clean malt character and an easy bitter finish.



Mornington Peninsula


Mornington IPA is an American hopped India Pale Ale. Light orange-tinted amber in colour, this heavily hopped ale delivers rich stone-fruit aromas of peach and apricots. An initially sweet malty palate opens up to a fruity hop flavour and rising bitterness that will satisfy the bitter beer drinker.


In our opinion this is one of the best Australian made IPA’s available and one we will often have a 4 pack of sitting in our fridge.



Arctic Fox

American Pale Ale

With a recent change of ownership Arctic Fox beers are now more readily accessible then they have been in the past. They brew 5 core range beers; a lager, IPA, pale ale, stout & English ale.


This beer is an American take on the Pale Ale style and uses renowned American hops during the brew process; namely Citra hops for the aromatics and Cascade hops for the bittering.




Brockwell Brewedwell Red Ale

This is not your traditional red ale so throw out any conceptions you might have of the style. This American styled bad boy is full of US Citra hops and plenty of malt.


Originally appearing as Brew Log Collection #4 it was too good to brew just once, so was added to the core range in 2015.




London Pride

London Pride is almost as iconic as Big Ben and has been around for decades, brewed right beside the Thames.


London Pride takes its name from the Saxifrage × urbium flower. The flower famously provided shoots of recovery on the bombed sites left by the London Blitz of the early 1940s, and as such holds great symbolism for Londoners. The flower was nicknamed London Pride, and the beer followed closely afterwards.




Headwaters Pale Ale

This American Pale Ale is brewed with pure water sourced from the East Branch of the Brandywine Creek which begins its journey approximately 22kms from the brewery.


Headwaters Pale Ale was brewed to celebrate this water and was first released in February 2011. Considering that beer is the product of four simple ingredients and the three other than water rely on water for their existence, Victory truly believe they are truly paying homage to water with this beer.




Hop Select

Brouwerij Palm (pronounced brow-er-ray) is situated approximately 30 minutes North of Brussels in the village of Steenhuffel, part of the Flemish province of Brabant.


The brewery’s roots can be traced back to 1747 and was originally known as De Hoorn, with the brewery being destroyed during the First World War and then rebuilt.



Hop Nation

The Damned Pilsner

This Pilsner is Hop Nations Eastern European inspired Pilsner which is aimed at addressing a beer drinkers daily woes of thirst.


The origins of the Pilsner date back to the mid-19th century in Bohemia – now encompassing modern day Czech Republic – a part of the world also known for its gothic mythology. Perhaps those blood-thirsty vamps could have taken it easy with a little Pilsner to quench their thirst – less drama that way…. Be DAMNED if you do.



Two Birds Brewing


A beer inspired by a trip the Two Birds Crew took to San Diego a few years ago when they were living entirely on a diet of fish tacos and craft beer! It's a hoppy Wheat beer brewed with coriander leaf, fresh lime peel and corn. It's fresh, zesty and dangerously drinkable. And of course, is the perfect pairing for tacos!





Rusty Roo

Bargara Brewing Company is one of Australia’s most recent brewery start ups having only been established in 2015, setting up stumps in Bundaberg, Queensland.


Their beers are named after iconic Australian wildlife like the Rusty Roo or the Hip Hop Session IPA, which features a Cane Toad on the label.



Hargreaves Hill


Operated by a husband and wife team Hargreaves Hill has won a stack of awards since opening their brewery in 2004. Their production is on the smaller scale but they are steadily growing a fan base outside of Victoria.


This is a medium body English style Pale Ale brewed using American Cascade and Amarillo hops. Some say that it has a marmalade bitterness. It is a bottle conditioned beer which is best enjoyed slightly chilled and from a glass as there may be some sediment.



Southern Bay

Requiem Pilsner

Pilsners are a style of lager and as mentioned we think this will be a growth area for craft beer in 2016.


The term “requiem” means a hymn, composition, or service for the dead. The brewers at Southern Bay describe it as follows which supports our prediction:



Australian Brewery/Beer Cartel

Australian Beer Cartel India Pale Ale

This is our first collaboration beer in a can. We’ve previously brewed some collaboration beers but as keg only releases.


The creation of this beer was the brainchild of staff from Beer Cartel and The Australian Brewery. The beer uses an experimental English hop called Fusion which uses 5 different experimental hops that have been pelletised together.



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