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Samuel Adams Boston Lager Glass


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About The Beer

Country: USA

Brewery: Samuel Adams

Glass Style: Lager

TIAX, the world-renowned sensory experts, worked with Jim Koch (founder of Samuel Adams) to identify functional design features to showcase the key attributes of Boston Lager, which included: delivering sweetness from the malt; maximizing the hops aroma and flavor; maintaining the ideal temperature; supporting a rich and creamy head; and sustaining the right amount of carbonation.

A unique angled lip delivers the beer to the right points on the drinker’s palate producing the optimal drinking experience. The neck and lip design also helps sustain the head of the beer, which enhances the release of the signature Noble hop aromas found in Boston Lager.

A narrower base keeps the brew cold by reducing the impact of heat from the drinker’s hand. A laser etched nucleation site within the glass creates bubbles for constant aroma release.