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Sierra Nevada Hoptimum 2023 Triple IPA 355ml Bottle

355ml Bottle 11% Imperial/Double IPA

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About The Beer

Country: USA

Brewery: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Style: Imperial/Double IPA

Format: 355ml Bottle

ABV: 11%

Fancy seeing me here! After all, the place can hardly hold 11% — I’m scraping the rafters. Makes for a good view, and it’s clear when a room needs what I’ve got in spades: fruity, dank, and devilishly hoppy flavour. Your night is looking up. Savour it and don’t blink because I like to vanish in a puff of lupulin dust.

IBU 75



Cracking Tip: 

Ken Grossman started Sierra Nevada (and arguably craft beer as we know it) in his garage way back in 1979. Hoptimum is a massive ‘old money’ West Coast IPA made by the guys who practically invented the style.

If you love big IPAs with that classic bold bitterness flavour and you haven’t tried this yet, you’re doing it wrong!

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