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Small Gods Pukwudgie California Double IPA 440ml Can

440ml Can 7.8% Imperial/Double IPA

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About The Beer

Country: New Zealand

Brewery: Small Gods Brewery

Style: Imperial/Double IPA

Format: 440ml Can

ABV: 7.8%

Panicked footfalls pound through low prickly brush on the edge of a vast and twisted forest, underscored by the desperate wails of a forlorn father. In the near distance the sound is mirrored by the cries of a stolen child which echo in a disorienting cacophony off the thick trunks of towering redwoods.

Concealed behind the low scrub, the Pukwudgie skitters away with his mewling prize. Eerie shadows move across his grey skin as the light from the fire he carries dances in a twisted claw. Stumbling, the man follows until, rounding a dense thicket, the trap is sprung. Flaming arrows pierce his legs and belly and he falls, only to witness the rest of the clan descending, blood-slick claws glinting in the shifting firelight.

Pukwudgie is Californian Double IPA. A base of Pilsner, Wheat and Gladiator Malts provides a clean and snappy backdrop for the hops to shine. We then dosed up the hot side with mash, boil and dry hop additions of Strata and Cryo El Dorado for a rounded bitterness. In the dry hop we doubled down with El Dorado, Cryo Strata and a Motueka Hop Kief to provide a zesty pop of citrus and stonefruit. The result is a punchy and assertive double IPA loaded with fruit character, a beautiful body rich with hop oils and a dry finish that keeps you coming back for more.