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Super Sour Mixed Pack

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About The Beer

Prepare your taste buds for a mouth puckering, eye watering, sour extravaganza. Containing 12 sour beers that include the latest limited releases and some of our staff favourites.

This selection is strictly limited and won't last long!

The line-up:


1. Philter Mandarin & Yuzu Sour 375ml Can

This sunny citrus dream is out third true-to-style kettle-soured berliner weisse. We’ve combined tangy yuzu with zesty mandarin to create a refreshingly fragrant zinger of a beer. Love. ABV 4.2%

2. Fontaine Golden Cylinder Pineapple Sour 375ml Can

Mellow but vibrant, this easy going ale is zingy with a refreshing spritz of pineapple. This beer was crafted with Pale Ale Malt, Rolled Oats, Pineapple & House Culture. ABV 3.8%

3. Bridge Road Blackberry Sour 355ml Can

A light-bodied fruited sour, brewed in the style of a traditional German gose. A high mineral content balances the acidity and makes for a dry and refreshing finish. We used a literal mountain of blackberries resulting in a perky, bright beer - perfect for all seasons. ABV 4.3%

4. Southern Highlands Blood Orange Margaritaville Gose 375ml Can

Sail away on a gentle sea breeze to Blood Orange Margaritaville. Let the sun kissed citrus notes dance on your pallet as if serenading your taste buds with a saxaphone solo. The briny sea breeze adding a subtle saltiness to balance this sour refreshing number. Let your attitude match your latitude and waste away in a blood orange paradise. Best served in a salted rim glass or can, adjacent to water, in linen clothing ABV 3.5%

5. Yulli's Dolly Aldrin Strawberry Berliner Weisse Sour 375ml Can

A traditional German style sour wheat ale, where low alcohol, tartness, and fruit combine to create the ultimate quencher! The beer undergoes a 24 hour period of lacto-fermentation where all the souring takes place, before being fermented as normal, and finally blended with freshly cold pressed Strawberries. The result is a deliciously fresh light and dry ale, with some upfront tartness, which is rounded out by the juicy fruit flavours. ABV 3.4%

6. Hop Nation The Punch Mango Sour 375ml Can

This isn't your Nanna's punch... A beer made for Summer - our Mango Sour is incredibly refreshing, mouth-watering and a little out there. Showing off a refreshing citrus acidity and a hint of saline smoothness, lifted mango notes and passionfruit pop from the glass.  ABV 4%

7. Three Tails Pina Colada Tropical Cocktail Sour 440ml Can

It's a party in a glass. Is it a beer or is it a cocktail? Bursting with the flavours of pineapple and coconut. Super refreshing and oh so tasty. Get your party shoes on for this baby. ABV 4.9%

8. Bright Yuzu Sweetart Sour Ale 355ml Can

A light, kettle-soured beer with a fresh yuzu kick, Yuzu Sweetart is brewed with fresh, whole yuzu from our local yuzu farm, Eurobin's Mountain Yuzu, for an intense yuzu aroma and flavour.
Brewer’s Notes: A light, kettle soured beer with a fresh yuzu kick. Fresh, whole yuzu are added for an intense yuzu aroma and flavour. A light body and tart finish, and a dash of salt make this beer irresistibly refreshing.

Malt: Pale, Wheat Malt, Carahell
Hops: Magnum
Yeast: Lactobaccillus, AY-4
Additions: Yuzu, sea salt 

ABV 4.3%

9. 8 Wired Hippy Berliner Sour 330ml Can

A refreshing, light, hoppy, sour and very fruity tasting ale inspired by traditional Berliner Weisse ales. Naturally soured by live cultures and dry hopped with American and New Zealand hops. Probably the closest thing I have tasted to fruit juice, that didn't contain any fruit at all! - It's a trip!

Peace out - Søren Eriksen ABV 4%

10. Sure Spin Off Citrus Gose 375ml Can

Pinch of Salt.

ABV 4%

11. Slow Lane Botany Weisse Mango & Passionfruit Sour Ale

This beer started out as our traditional mixed fermentation Berliner Weisse style sour beer. It underwent a long secondary fermentation with Brett ‘wild’ yeast resulting in increased complexity through the production of fruity esters. We then added a substantial amount of mango and passionfruit to the tank and refermented the beer on this. ABV 3.5%

12. Wolf of The Willows Pacific Sour 375ml Can

Tropical Sour - Bursting with lush tropical fruit flavours of pineapple, passionfruit, mango and guava, and finishing with a quenching tang from the kettle souring, this session sour keeps you thirst covered. It's easy on the booze yet uncompromising in tropical hop aroma and juicy flavour. Take this wolf to the island bar! ABV 4.5%