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Wolf of the Willows JSP Johnny Smoke Porter 355ml Can

355ml Can 5.2% Porter

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About The Beer

Country: Australia

Brewery: Wolf of the Willows

Style: Porter

Format: 355ml Can

ABV: 5.2%

Here's Johnny!

This beer was inspired by the rich and often dark history of the London porters. Porter beers were the working man's / women's sustenance. General laborers, called Porters, would transport goods across London, and with no time or money for food they would sneak the odd beer here and there when they could. As a consequence, the dark, malty, beers that they drank became know as 'Porters'.

These beers were originally made with malted barley that was malted (dried) over an open fire. This process gave the beer smokey and charcoal notes. Then came the Industrial Revolution with clean burning coal and the age of clear, bright lagers due to a much cleaner malting process.

We love a bit of history, particularly beer history. This beer is our ode to a simpler time, one where beer wasn't mass produced.

As for why it's called Johnny Smoke Porter, well you'll have to catch Scotty at the taproom for a beer one day and ask.