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​Chur That Hop Juice Hazy DIPA

⠀Beer description: Damn that is hoppy! Behemoth have juiced a crazy amount of hops into this hazy double IPA. This beer does not skimp on the hop bling, it’s loaded with Citra, Mosaic, Motueka, and Hort 4337. So stop reading this, get the beer into a big old beer glass and enjoy the hop juice [...]

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​Deep Creek Geisha Hazy DIPA

⠀Beer description: We’ve used a combination of both US and NZ hops, Citra, Ekuanot, Motueka and Taiheke, giving flavours of orange, lemon, papaya, and a hint of passionfruit.⠀⠀Geisha Hazy IPA is the latest release from our Haiku range; an intriguing brew, representative of mystery, desire and attaining that elusive Hazy IPA flavour profile, this is [...]

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​Blackman’s Needs More Simcoe IPA

⠀Beer description: Needs More Simcoe IPA is the 2nd release in a Single Hop Series in collaboration with Yakima Chief Hops.⠀⠀Triple dry hopped and bursting with Simcoe, the glory town of hops! Fruity, piney, floral goodness. Breathe it in deep and smell them hops!⠀⠀Available online & in store:⠀⠀Photo by: @frothinghops_

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​La Sirene Petite Cerise Farmhouse Ale

⠀Beer description: The FIRST release in our rare TANK 3 SERIES. This new series is based on one-off experimental brews from our little 200L tank which allows us to embrace creativity & wonder in super limited batches.⠀⠀PETITE CERISE is our first creation in the series that sees whole sour cherries & hibiscus flowers infused into [...]

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​Nomad/Barrel One Doppio Macchiato Imperial Stout

⠀Beer description: Only one thing gets our Italian brewer going in the morning and that is a good doppio macchiato. The only other thing as important as coffee is beer so the idea was to put the two together to make our head brewer smile from ear to ear.. and we’re sure you will too [...]

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​White Bay Wherever I Rove IPA

⠀Beer description: An IPA brewed with a heap of flaked oats, Mosaic in several forms & a sh*tload of Lemon Drop hops. Compounding & resounding punchy passionfruit, mixed berry & lemon cello vibes.⠀⠀Available online & in store:⠀⠀Photo by: @beer_grills77⠀

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​Pirate Life Zappa IPA

⠀Beer description: His name is synonymous with the eclectic, the prolific, and the avant-garde. So when CLS Farms in the Yakima Valley released a hop honouring the legendary musician Frank “Zappa”, we naturally got on board.⠀⠀Discovered growing wild in the hills of New Mexico, this varietal is the ideal candidate for a single hopped IPA. [...]

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​La Sirene Oak Season Farmhouse Ale

⠀Beer description: THE LOWDOWN. The OAK SEASON is made in the Bière de Coupage style blending hand-selected barrel-aged wild ale with fresh farmhouse ale to create a wonderfully complex but ultimately refreshing oak-aged wild ale in a can.⠀⠀Expect deep oak-ripened complexity with buttery, earthy and woody notes followed by ripe apricots, orange blossom and a [...]

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​Heaps Normal Quiet XPA

⠀Beer description: We’ve created a full-flavoured XPA without the downsides, so everyday legends like you can dial the good times up to 11 and still perform at their best the next day.⠀⠀The Heaps Normal Quiet XPA tastes like a delicious, refreshing beer. Tropical and citrus aroma with a lingering and unmistakably beery finish. Unfiltered, with [...]

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​4 Pines Nitro Pavlova Ale

⠀Beer description: Generous additions of passionfruit, kiwifruit and strawberries create a smooth, fruity and creamy treat that Nan would be proud of.⠀⠀Available online & in store:⠀⠀Photo by: @bearded_drinker⠀

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