The Australian Craft Beer Survey

2022 Australian Craft Beer Survey

About the Australian Craft Beer Survey

Each year Beer Cartel runs the Australian Craft Beer Survey - the aim is to provide a public report that can then be used to help grow the craft beer industry in Australia.

The survey has been running since 2016, with over 20,000 people talking part in it each year.

It takes around 5 minutes for a consumer to complete the survey answering questions related to craft beer drinking trends, attitudes and behaviours.

The results are widely reported on by the industry including the likes of BrewsNews, Crafty Pint and Beer & Brewer.

Benefits for the Industry

For businesses that help support the survey an comprehensive industry report is provided at the completion of the project. This document not only contains the findings from the research study but also insights on what these findings mean for growing your business. This report is valued at $5,000 but is free to anyone that promotes the survey.


In addition, any business that gets over 100 people to vote for them within the survey will get their own exclusive report which looks at how the average craft beer drinker compares against those that consider their brewery to be the best. It is a fantastic report for better understanding your customers so you can better market to them and drive sales of your product. 

You can see the publicly released version of previous year's surveys here:

This Year's Survey

The 2022 Australian Craft Beer Survey has been completed. Stay tuned for the next survey.


For any questions around the survey please contact:

Richard Kelsey

Director, Beer Cartel

[email protected]


Past Supporters

Each year over 200 different breweries, bars, beer festivals, brewery tours, beer media and other beer related businesses support the survey. Below is a list of the 2019 supporters.