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2016 Australian Craft Beer Survey Results

11th Aug 2016

The 2016 Australian Craft Beer Survey by Beer Cartel is the first publicly available research looking at the Australian craft beer drinker. The survey received widespread support across the industry. In total over 6,500 craft beer drinkers took part in the survey.

Craft Beer is the only segment of Australian beer market which is in continuous growth, with overall consumption of beer in decline. The data that follows provides an extremely accurate birds-eye view of this young and exciting industry.

A prize of $500 of craft beer was offered as incentive to take part in the research. To see if you were the lucky winner simply scroll to the bottom of this page.

Key findings from the research include:

- Feral Brewing voted Australia’s best craft brewery

- Victoria voted Australia’s best State for craft beer

- Australia voted the best beer producing nation in the World

- Pale Ale is the most consumed craft beer style in Australia

- Australian craft beer drinkers are frustrated by the beer selection at sporting and music events

- Australian craft beer drinkers believe the Government should do more to support the craft beer industry

The following is an outline of findings from the research. More detail is provided through the links provided.

Feral Brewing is Australia’s best craft brewery, with newcomer Pirate Life second. View the full results here, or see the results by state, or by capital city.

Pale Ale is Australia’s most consumed craft beer style, with India Pale Ales (IPAs) also widely enjoyed. View the full results here.

Australia's most consumed craft beer styles

Victoria leads the way, taking the title of best Australian state for craft beer. View the full results here.

Australia's best state for craft beer

Australian craft beer drinkers are highly loyal, considering themselves the best beer producing nation in the world. View the full results here.

The best beer producing country in the world

The Australian craft beer drinker is typically male, aged 30-39 and based on Australia’s Eastern Seaboard. They have a high household income, with a third having previously home-brewed, and almost half part of a beer appreciation group.

Australian Craft Beer Drinker Profile

Improving the beer selection at sporting and music events, and the Government doing more to support craft breweries are highly important issues for craft beer drinkers.

Attitudes to craft beer - government & events

Craft breweries and bars are sought out by almost all craft beer drinkers when travelling, while three quarters specifically look for restaurants with craft beer on their list.

Attitudes to craft beer - travel & eating out

Craft beer is changing beer consumption habits, with most saying they now drink less but better quality. The vast majority of drinkers are also aware beer tastes best from a glass.

Craft beer drinking habits

While the use of cans in the Australian craft beer industry is growing, most still believe bottles are better.

Attitudes to cans vs bottles

A large proportion of craft beer drinkers visit liquor stores, craft beer bars and breweries on a regular basis.

The average total weekly spend on beer by craft beer drinkers is $56 a week ($2,912 per year), with the majority spending $26-$100 a week. This is inclusive of purchases at bars, restaurants, breweries and liquor stores.

For those that drink craft beer it is widely preferred over the alternatives; mainstream beer and home-brew. While a third of drinkers are home-brewers, the majority still consider craft beer better than their DIY equivalent.

Craft beer drinkers favourite beer type

In addition to drinking craft beer, those surveyed enjoy a range of other alcohol types; particularly wine/champagne and spirits/premixed drinks.

Other drinks consumed by craft beer drinkers

Craft drinkers not only enjoy beer, but engage in a range of related activities and events. In the past year, the majority have attended a beer festival, with one in three having been on a paid craft beer tour.

Attendance at craft beer events

Following on from Victoria being voted Australia’s leading state for craft beer, Melbourne’s Good Beer Week is the leading craft beer week in Australia.  View the full results here.

Australia's favourite craft beer week (by attendance)

Based on overall usage, The Crafty Pint is Australia’s favourite website for craft beer news. View the full results here.

Australia's favourite craft beer news website (by usage)

Over a third of Australian craft beer drinkers embrace technology when it comes to craft beer, with beer rating app Untappd, leading the way as Australia’s most used craft beer app. View the full results here.

Australia's favourite mobile beer apps (by usage)

Congratulations to The Beer Pilgrim, rated Australia’s favourite blog based on usage, with Radio Brews News Australia’s number one beer podcast. View the full results here.

Australia’s Favourite Blogs & Podcasts (By Usage)

A special thanks goes out to all those who have helped support the 2016 Australian Craft Beer Survey. Without your assistance none of this would have been possible. We raise a glass to each and every one of you, and thank you for being a part of this hugely exciting industry.

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Winner of $500 of Craft Beer Announced

Congratulations to Aidan Birch, winner of $500 of craft beer.